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  • Mapping the Feminine

    Hoogenboom et al.

    Mapping the Feminine

    From the Introduction: This volume honors the extraordinary life, path-breaking career, and pioneering scholarship of a truly modest woman—Professor Marina Viktorovna Ledkovsky, Barnard College emerita. Born into the old noble families of the...

  • Village Values

    Rouhier-Willoughby, Jeanmarie

    Village Values

    From the introduction: The rituals of wedding, delivery, and funeral provide us with an insight into how multiple strains of Russian culture from the October Revolution to the present have managed to coexist and evolve. All three rituals exhibit traces...

  • Polish Literature from 1918-2000 - Hardcover

    Mikos, Michael J.

    Polish Literature from 1918-2000 - Hardcover

    This double volume covers the periods from 1918 to 1939 and from 1945 to 2000 and constitutes the sixth and last part of the history and anthology of Polish literature from its beginnings to the year 2000. The task of making a comprehensive selection of...

  • Political Humor under Stalin

    Brandenberger, David

    Political Humor under Stalin

    Political Humor Under Stalin is an anthology of jokes, wisecracks, and satire from the Soviet 1930's and '40s that provides a glimpse of everyday dissembling and dissent in one of the modern world's most repressive societies. More than merely a joke...

  • Uncensored?

    Graham & Mesropova


    Uncensored? Reinventing Humor and Satire in Post-Soviet Russia is a wide-ranging scholarly analysis of humor and satire in Russia during the regimes of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. The volume brings together an international group of emerging...

  • Empire Jews: Jewish Nationalism

    Horowitz, Brian

    Empire Jews: Jewish Nationalism

    In this unique book Brian Horowitz, Sizeler Family Chair Professor at Tulane University, articulates what is hidden in plain view: namely that many Jews in late-tsarist Russia were in love with its culture. Although they despised its government, large...

  • In Search of Milk and Honey

    Kotlerman, Ber Boris

    In Search of Milk and Honey

    In the mid-1930s, when the Soviet regime established Birobidzhan as the “Soviet Jewish state” with Yiddish as its official language, the local Yiddish theater assumed new prominence. In Search of Milk and Honey focuses on the...

  • День без вранья: A Day Without Lying

    Comer, William

    День без вранья: A Day Without Lying

    День без вранья (A Day without Lying) draws readers into the everyday existence of a twenty-something Muscovite who has decided to live a single day without telling any lies. Yet the events of this day - from his unruly French class to the evening...

  • Routes of Passage

    Spektor & Byron

    Routes of Passage

    Vladimir Makanin impels the Russian tradition at once in two established directions: back to its sympathy for the "little people" in al their social exigencies and forward into a new life fraught with doubt, bad memories (and bad teeth), and yet the...

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