American Contributions to the 14th International Congress of Slavists vol. 1: Linguistics

Bethin, Christina Y.

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Ronelle Alexander

  • Rhythmic Structure Constituents and Clitic Placement in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian     1

Christina Y. Bethin

  • On Quantity Dissimilation in East Slavic     21

Daniel E. Collins

  • Purging Greek in the Legend of Salonica: A Medieval Slavic Myth of Language     39

Andrii Danylenko

  • The New Ukrainian Standard Language of 1798: Tradition vs. Innovation     59

Katarzyna Dziwirek

  • A Folk Classification of Polish Emotions: Evidence from a Corpus-Based Study     75

Masako U. Fidler

  • Between Grammar and Onomatopoeia: Sound-Symbolic Schemata in Czech     95

Grace E. Fielder

  • The Status of Discourse Markers as Balkanisms in South Slavic     111

Victor A. Friedman

  • Balkan Slavic Dialectology and Balkan Linguistics: Periphery as Center     131

Frank Y. Gladney

  • On Prefixed Nouns in Late Common Slavic     149

Lenore A. Grenoble

  • Syntax Meets Discourse: Subordination in Slavic     161

Laura A. Janda

  • Semantic Motivations for Aspectual Clusters of Russian Verbs     181

George Mitrevski

  • On the Classification of Macedonian Proverbs in an Electronic Database     197

Alan Timberlake

  • The Grammar of Oral Narrative in the Povest´ vremennykh let     211

C. M. Vakareliyska

  • A Typology of Slavic Menology Traditions     227

Curt Woolhiser

  • Convergent and Divergent Innovation in the Belarusian Dialects of the Bialystok and Hrodna Regions: A Sociolinguistic Border Impact Study     245