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George Fowler



George Fowler is Associate Professor of Slavic languages in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Indiana University (the home unit for Slavica Publishers). He conceived the transition of Slavica Publishers to IU, and has directed the operation in addition to his regular faculty responsibilities since 1997. At Slavica he chiefly contributes to linguistics editing, technical production, and the "vision thing".

Vicki Polansky
Managing Editor


Vicki Polansky has a Ph.D. in Russian literature (Indiana University, 1999, dissertation on Ivan Bunin), and joined Slavica in late 1999. She is chiefly responsible for dealing with authors and editors on their projects with Slavica, but also works with marketing, publicity, and technical production as time permits.

Erin Blystone
Business Manager


Erin took over as Slavica’s business manager in March 2023. She is responsible for accounting, administration, shipping, orders, and website content.

Renata Uzzell
Technical Editor

Renata earned her Ph.D. from Indiana University in 2021. Her primary responsibilities are Slavica's linguistic projects, festschrifts, and the Journal of Slavic Linguistics.