• Imago Mundi and Other Poems

    By Wojciech Wencel, Edited and Translated by Michael J. Mikoś

    Imago Mundi and Other Poems

    Wojciech Wencel, born in Gdańsk in 1972, is one of the most important contemporary Polish poets.  He is the author of many volumes of poetry, literary biographies, and essays, and the recipient of several prestigious literary awards, most recently...

  • The Old Man and The Counterfeit Coin

    Scherr, Barry

    The Old Man and The Counterfeit Coin

    Although The Old Man has been performed only rarely and The Counterfeit Coin has not even been translated into English until now, both works are deservingof far more attention than they have received.  Here, Gorky moves beyond the social themes that...

  • The Paths of Folklore: Essays in Honor of Natalie Kononenko

    Kukharenko & Holloway

    The Paths of Folklore: Essays in Honor of Natalie Kononenko

    This collection of essays is offered with sincere gratitude and appreciation to Natalie Kononenko, Professor and Kule Chair of Ukrainian Ethnography, University of Alberta, Canada and one of the leading Slavic folklorists in North America. The...

  • Chekhov for the 21st Century

    Apollonio & Brintlinger

    Chekhov for the 21st Century

    One hundred fifty years after his birth, Anton Chekhov remains the most beloved Russian playwright in his own country, and in the English-speaking world he is second only to Shakespeare. His stories, deceptively simple, continue to serve as models...

  • An Anthology of Croatian Literature

    Cooper, Henry

    An Anthology of Croatian Literature

    As a result of the slow dissolution and then violent collapse of the Yugoslav federation, the individualities of its literary traditions have come to the fore once again. This anthology, featuring excerpts from the works of 66 writers, spans 10...

  • Re-Mapping Polish-German Historical Memory

    Beinek & Kosicki

    Re-Mapping Polish-German Historical Memory

    This volume exploits the analytical category of "space" to unify the various disciplinary approaches and thematic concentrations applied here to the dynamics of historical memory within and between the Germans and Poles. This category has proven...

  • The Many Facets of Mikhail Kuzmin: A Miscellany

    Panova & Pratt

    The Many Facets of Mikhail Kuzmin: A Miscellany

    UCLA Slavic Studies no. 8 This interdisciplinary and bilingual collection of critical essays and materials brings together Kuzmin scholars from three countries (the United States, Russia, and Israel) to provide a multi-­faceted portrait of Mikhail...

  • God is a Rusyn

    Rusinko, Elaine

    God is a Rusyn

    Carpatho-Rusyn literature, which dates back to the sixteenth century, emerged as a distinct creative movement only after the revolutions of 1989 in Eastern Europe, where the ancestral Rusyn homeland straddles the borders of five countries: Ukraine,...

  • The Cathedral Clergy

    Winchell, Margaret

    The Cathedral Clergy

    "I believe that thanks to this translation The Cathedral Clergy will have an uplifting effect on the English reader as well." —Review in Canadian Slavonic Papers Nikolay Leskov, a contemporary of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, has remained largely...

  • The New Russian Dostoevsky

    Apollonio, Carol

    The New Russian Dostoevsky

    DURING THE SOVIET YEARS, Fyodor Dostoevsky was the most troublesome of the nineteenth-century Russian novelists. Religious, opinionated, conservative, and chauvinistic, his work challenged the atheistic and communist foundation of the Soviet...

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