• Imago Mundi and Other Poems

    By Wojciech Wencel, Edited and Translated by Michael J. Mikoś

    Imago Mundi and Other Poems

    Wojciech Wencel, born in Gdańsk in 1972, is one of the most important contemporary Polish poets.  He is the author of many volumes of poetry, literary biographies, and essays, and the recipient of several prestigious literary awards, most recently...

  • The Old Man and The Counterfeit Coin

    Scherr, Barry

    The Old Man and The Counterfeit Coin

    Although The Old Man has been performed only rarely and The Counterfeit Coin has not even been translated into English until now, both works are deservingof far more attention than they have received.  Here, Gorky moves beyond the social themes that...

  • Muscovy and the World cover image

    Edited by Michael S. Flier, Nancy S. Kollmann, Daniel Rowland, and Erika Monahan

    Muscovy and the World: An Empire and Its Limits

    DOI Contents Introduction Daniel Rowland Muscovy and the World: An Empire and Its Limits ................................... 3 Nancy S. Kollmann From Rural Estate to Visualized...

  • Being Grounded in Love

    Maria A Shelyakhovskaya & Christina E. Petrides

    Being Grounded In Love

    "The present volume is a conscious effort to look at and grasp the meaning of the tumultuous one hundred years of Russian and Soviet history (1872-1981) by taking an ordinary family perspective as a vantage point and reconstructing it based on the...

  • Advancing in Albanian

    Linda Mëniku & Héctor Campos

    Advancing in Albanian (Textbook and Workbook Set)

    The authors’ original introductory textbook of Albanian (Discovering Albanian 1, U. of Wisconsin Press, 2011) was hailed as “lightening the burden of the instructor, allowing for more productive efforts in designing an...

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