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  • God is a Rusyn

    Rusinko, Elaine

    God is a Rusyn

    Carpatho-Rusyn literature, which dates back to the sixteenth century, emerged as a distinct creative movement only after the revolutions of 1989 in Eastern Europe, where the ancestral Rusyn homeland straddles the borders of five countries: Ukraine,...

  • The Russian’s World, 4th Ed.

    Gerhart & Boyle

    The Russian’s World, 4th Ed.

    This book is an attempt at the impossible: to describe for non-Russians what Russian common knowledge might be. It is the Russian obvious—that is ob+via, in the road, in the way: what you might trip over if you ignore it or don’t see it. It...

  • Religion and Identity in Russia and the Soviet Union

    Chrissidis et al.

    Religion and Identity in Russia and the Soviet Union

    Paul Bushkovitch's scholarship on the political, religious, and cultural history of Russia has enriched the field for over 35 years. This volume celebrates Bushkovitch's contributions by bringing together a series of essays by his students. Focusing...

  • Everyday Life in Russian History

    Marker et al.

    Everyday Life in Russian History

    In a career spanning nearly four decades Daniel Kaiser has produced a wealth of studies illuminating otherwise little understood aspects of society and culture in medieval and early modern Russia. He pioneered the use of anthropology in the study of...

  • Advanced Russian (set)

    Lubensky et al.

    Advanced Russian (set)

    This innovative suite of instructional material for advanced students of Russian is aimed at fostering their transition from slow, controlled speech to native-like fluency. The driving methodology is lexicalist-oriented, implying an emphasis on the...

  • The Cathedral Clergy

    Winchell, Margaret

    The Cathedral Clergy

    "I believe that thanks to this translation The Cathedral Clergy will have an uplifting effect on the English reader as well." —Review in Canadian Slavonic Papers Nikolay Leskov, a contemporary of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, has remained largely...

  • The New Russian Dostoevsky

    Apollonio, Carol

    The New Russian Dostoevsky

    DURING THE SOVIET YEARS, Fyodor Dostoevsky was the most troublesome of the nineteenth-century Russian novelists. Religious, opinionated, conservative, and chauvinistic, his work challenged the atheistic and communist foundation of the Soviet...

  • Tjutchev: Euphony and Beyond

    Ginzburg, Elizabeth A.

    Tjutchev: Euphony and Beyond

    Just as the key to Fedor Tjutchev’s life is his poetry, the key to his euphonious lyrics is sound. Tjutchev’s poetry demonstrates how he greatly extended the field of poetic sound form, much beyond the accomplishments of his...

  • Vasily Rozanov and the Body of Russian Literature

    Mondry, Henrietta

    Vasily Rozanov and the Body of Russian Literature

    This book is the first interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of the most original and controversial turn-of-the-century Russian writer and thinker, Vasily Rozanov. Once described as the Russian Freud, Rozanov developed a unique methodology for...

  • The Tatar Yoke

    Halperin, Charles J.

    The Tatar Yoke

    Charles Halperin’s classic work of medieval Russian history, The Tatar Yoke, presented for the first time a comprehensive analysis of all major texts of Old Russian literature pertaining to Russo-Tatar relations. Halperin integrated the...

  • New Muscovite Cultural History

    Kivelson et al.

    New Muscovite Cultural History

    Daniel Rowland’s writings on the political, visual, and religious culture of Muscovy have profoundly influenced a generation of American and foreign specialists in early Russian history. Inspired by his work, the essays in this volume reflect...

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