Slavica welcomes manuscript submissions for monographs and thematically cohesive multiauthor works in the areas of Slavic and East European languages and literature as well as history and area studies. Our Three String Books imprint solicits translations of literary works and belles-lettres from Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and the other successor states of the former Soviet Union (publications to date include works from Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Kazakhstan).

To submit a work for consideration, please send the manuscript, in either hard copy or electronic form (PDF or Word file), along with your CV and a proposal outlining the scope of the work, the target audience, and a discussion of how the work differs from (improves upon, supplements, updates, refutes) previously published books on that subject. Hard copy should be sent to Slavica Publishers, 1430 N. Willis Drive, Bloomington, IN 47404-2146, Attn: Vicki Polansky, Managing Editor; electronic files should be directed to Vicki Polansky at After having the manuscript evaluated by a specialist in the field and giving the author an opportunity to respond to the reviewer’s comments, we will make a recommendation to the Slavica editorial board either for or against publication. Only after the board votes to publish the work can we issue a formal acceptance and contract. This process typically takes about six months. If you would like a quick reading on whether or not Slavica might be interested in reviewing your not-yet-completed manuscript, please send a proposal and several sample chapters. We can look them over and give you the “green” light (yes, please do send us the full manuscript when it’s ready) or “red” light (thank you for thinking of Slavica but we’re not interested).


For Journal submissions, please click the links below for the specific guidelines for each journal.