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  • Poetics. Self, Place

    O’Neil et al.

    Poetics. Self, Place

    This Festschrift is presented as a mark of esteem and appreciation to Anna Lisa Crone in recognition of her considerable contributions to Slavic Studies as a scholar, teacher, dissertation adviser, and colleague. In three books and numerous articles,...

  • Chekhov the Immigrant

    Finke & de Sherbinin

    Chekhov the Immigrant

    No major Russian author has been more thoroughly translated into American culture than the master of the short story, playwright, and socially committed physician Anton Chekhov (1860–1904). Chekhov’s writings and his person have had an...

  • Working Souls

    Herrlinger, Page

    Working Souls

    An exploration of the extent to which worker religious identity was trans–formed by the experience of urban factory life, Working Souls also examines how the spiritual needs and demands of working-class laity precipitated changes in the...

  • Dress Rehearsal: A Story in Four Acts and Five Chapters

    Bloshteyn, Maria

    Dress Rehearsal: A Story in Four Acts and Five Chapters

    Alexander Galich, born Alexander Arkadievich Ginzburg in 1918 ("Galich" is a literary pseudoym he assumed in 1947), is best known as the cult author of poem-songs surreptitiosly disseminated throughout the Soviet Union in the millions as part of the...

  • Studia Caroliensia

    Townsend et al.

    Studia Caroliensia

    Studia Caroliensia offers a selection of new research in Slavic linguistics and folklore in honor of Professor Charles E. Gribble. Gribble has touched the lives of literally thousands of students, professional colleagues, and lovers of Slavic languages...

  • Books, Bibliographies, Pugs

    Ference & Schaffner

    Books, Bibliographies, Pugs

    Books, Bibliographies, and Pugs offers a selection of new research in Library and Information Science, with special emphasis on the Russian and East European area, but also extending as far as Turkey and the Pacific Rim. The volume is presented...

  • Poles Apart


    Poles Apart

    The seven related articles in this volume of Indiana Slavic Studies doubly counter the dominant focus in Polish Studies scholarship on "Literature penned by Great Men." This anthology turns the spotlight elsewhere—on the careers, works, and...

  • Case Book for Czech

    Janda & Clancy

    Case Book for Czech

    More than a decade of research on Slavic case semantics has come together in a valuable new pedagogical tool through the work of Laura Janda and Steven Clancy. The Case Book for Czech presents the Czech case system in terms of structured semantic wholes...

  • Orientalism and Empire

    David-Fox, Michael

    Orientalism and Empire

    Articles originally published in the journal Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History. A portion of the editors' introduction states: "With their broad range of thematic foci and theoretical approaches, the contributors to this volume...

  • Vampire Lore

    Perkowski, Jan

    Vampire Lore

    This omnibus volume collects under a single cover the entire oeuvre of writings by Jan Louis Perkowski on the vampire theme in mythology and folklore, including his three previously published monographs (Vampires, Dwarves, and Witches Among the Ontario...

  • The Bill Question

    Aronson et al.

    The Bill Question

    Contributions to the Study of Linguistics and Languages in Honor of Bill J. Darden on the Occasion of His Sixty-Sixth Birthday.   "Howard Aronson tells a story from the days when Bill Darden was a graduate student at the University of Chicago...

  • Anthology of Bulgarian Literature

    Cooper & Mladenov

    Anthology of Bulgarian Literature

    Over the centuries Bulgaria has been many things: a brilliant medieval empire (even two!), an abject, all-but-forgotten Ottoman province, a struggling kingdom, a docile satellite and now a democratic member of NATO ad a new member in the European Union...

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