• Poetics. Self, Place

    O’Neil et al.

    Poetics. Self, Place

    This Festschrift is presented as a mark of esteem and appreciation to Anna Lisa Crone in recognition of her considerable contributions to Slavic Studies as a scholar, teacher, dissertation adviser, and colleague. In three books and numerous articles,...

  • Chekhov the Immigrant

    Finke & de Sherbinin

    Chekhov the Immigrant

    No major Russian author has been more thoroughly translated into American culture than the master of the short story, playwright, and socially committed physician Anton Chekhov (1860–1904). Chekhov’s writings and his person have had an...

  • Dress Rehearsal: A Story in Four Acts and Five Chapters

    Bloshteyn, Maria

    Dress Rehearsal: A Story in Four Acts and Five Chapters

    Alexander Galich, born Alexander Arkadievich Ginzburg in 1918 ("Galich" is a literary pseudoym he assumed in 1947), is best known as the cult author of poem-songs surreptitiosly disseminated throughout the Soviet Union in the millions as part of the...

  • Poles Apart


    Poles Apart

    The seven related articles in this volume of Indiana Slavic Studies doubly counter the dominant focus in Polish Studies scholarship on "Literature penned by Great Men." This anthology turns the spotlight elsewhere—on the careers, works, and...

  • Vampire Lore

    Perkowski, Jan

    Vampire Lore

    This omnibus volume collects under a single cover the entire oeuvre of writings by Jan Louis Perkowski on the vampire theme in mythology and folklore, including his three previously published monographs (Vampires, Dwarves, and Witches Among the Ontario...

  • Anthology of Bulgarian Literature

    Cooper & Mladenov

    Anthology of Bulgarian Literature

    Over the centuries Bulgaria has been many things: a brilliant medieval empire (even two!), an abject, all-but-forgotten Ottoman province, a struggling kingdom, a docile satellite and now a democratic member of NATO ad a new member in the European Union...

  • Polish Literature from 1864-1918  Realism and Young Poland. An Anthology

    Mikos, Michael J.

    Polish Literature from 1864-1918 Realism and Young Poland. An Anthology

    The penultimate volume in Professor Michael Mikos's award-winning multi-volume survey of Polish literature in translation is devoted to two separate periods: Realism and "Young Poland", together spanning the years from 1865-1918. The annotated...

  • Anthology of Serbian Literature

    Mihailovich & Mikasinovich

    Anthology of Serbian Literature

    Serbian literature is a branch of the large tree that grew on the rocky and often bloody Balkan Peninsula during the last millennium. Its initial impulse came from the introduction of Christianity in the ninth century among the pagan Slavic tribes, which...

  • The Escaped Mystery: The Poetry of Momcilo Nastasijevic

    Goy, Edward Dennis

    The Escaped Mystery: The Poetry of Momcilo Nastasijevic

    The Escaped Mystery explores the poetry of Momčilo Nastasijević, whose poetic achievement is described by E.D. Goy as “one of the greatest, if not the greatest, in the Serbian language of the twentieth century.” Although his output was...

  • Tightrope Walking

    Pasternak-Ramsay & Salys

    Tightrope Walking

    The Russian Poet and Philosopher Josephine Pasternak (1900–93) published two collections of verse during her lifetime, and her philosophical treatise Indefinability was brought out posthumously in 1998. Josephine belonged to a famous Moscow...

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