• And Meaning for a Life Entire

    Rollberg, Peter

    And Meaning for a Life Entire

    CONTENTS Foreword     9 Letter from James H. Billington     13 Letter from Strobe Talbott     15 A Bibliography of the Publications by Charles A...

  • Pushkin's Poetics of Unexpected

    Shaw, J. Thomas

    Pushkin's Poetics of Unexpected

    Pushkin's unexpected nonrhymes and rhymes consitute an important part of his poetics of the unexpected; however, hitherto they have never been studied in any detail, and, indeed have only rarely been even touched upon. This study analyzes...

  • Loseff & Scherr

    A Sense of Place

    A Sense of Place contains papers, from a conference dedicated to Akhmatova's centennial, which focus not on her poetry by itself, but on the place where she spent her formative years, Tsarskoe Selo (now, of course, called Pushkin), and on the poetic...

  • The Artist and the Tyrant: Vassily Aksenov’s Works in the Brezhnev Era

    Kustanovich, Konstantin

    The Artist and the Tyrant: Vassily Aksenov’s Works in the Brezhnev Era

    Vassily Aksenov is generally recognized as one of the most prominent and important writers of the post-Stalinist period in Russian literature. He started the revival of experimentation in artistic technique after thirty years of the mandatory, but...

  • Incipient Feminists

    Rudinsky, Norma L.

    Incipient Feminists

    Part history and part anthology, this close study of contemporary journal articles, letters, and poetry shows the extraordinary tension of the alternately competing and coalescing drives of nationalism and feminism among the Slovaks in...

  • Tolstoy's Aesthetics

    Silbajoris, Rimvydas

    Tolstoy's Aesthetics

    Among the many paradoxes in Tolstoy's thought and action there is the dichotomy between his tremendous authority as an artist and his supposedly inconsequential, wrong-headed views on aesthetics, expressed in the treatise What is Art? The...

  • The Writer as Naysayer

    Bogert, Ralph

    The Writer as Naysayer

    Bogert's book studies the most culturally and politically influential Yugoslav intellectual of the twentieth century with emphasis on interpreting this many-sided modernist, the most prolific and arguably the most important author writing in...

  • Lances Sing

    Mann, Robert

    Lances Sing

    Robert Mann reexamines the hypothesis that the Slovo o polku Igoreve is the work of a highly literate poet and concludes that the Slovo is more likely the text of a 12th-century court song. This study introduces a large number of new folkloric...

  • The Darkling

    Perkowski, Jan

    The Darkling

    Some years ago, while pursuing folklore field work in eastern Canada, the author stumbled upon an active vampire cult. The interest aroused by this discovery led to a series of invited lectures and eventually the establishment of a college course...

  • Russian Verse Theory


    Russian Verse Theory

    Contents Foreword     9 Zsuzanna Bjorn Andersen The Concept of "Lyric Disorder"     11 James Bailey The Metrical Invariant in a Russian Lyric Folk Song     23 Jerzy...

  • Semiotics & Historical Culture

    Halle, Morris

    Semiotics & Historical Culture

    This publication was to honor the late Professor Jurij Lotman on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday.   I. Semioticheskie voprosy kul'tury.   A. H. Gurevich: "Videnie Turkillia": K probleme sootnosheniia uchenoi i fol'klornoi tradicii v...

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