• Aleksandr Blok & the Dynamics of the Lyric Cycle

    Sloane, David A.

    Aleksandr Blok & the Dynamics of the Lyric Cycle

    One cannot approach Aleksandr Blok's poetry without asking some fundamental questions about the lyric cycle. Why did Blok organize virtually his entire lyric output into cycles? What information (if any) was he able to encode in the cycle that would have...

  • Humor in Dostoevsky

    Busch, R. L.

    Humor in Dostoevsky

    After an introduction which addresses the problem of humor in Dostoevsky's works and discusses previous approaches to it -- especially those of M. M. Baxtin and R. Hingley -- this study devotes a separate chapter to each of Dostoevsky's five major...

  • Substantial Proofs of Being

    Isenberg, Charles

    Substantial Proofs of Being

    Contents Introduction     9 Chapter One The Evolution of the Lyric Hero   14 Stone     17 Tristia     23 Verses 1921-25     30 From Poetry...

  • Aleksej Remizov: Approaches to a Protean Writer

    Slobin, Greta

    Aleksej Remizov: Approaches to a Protean Writer

    Papers from an international conference on Aleksej Remizov, held at Amherst, Mass in 1985.   Contents Greta N. Slobin Introduction     7 Vladimir Markov Neizvestnyi pisatel' Remizov     13 Mirra...

  • The Mother Syndrome in the Russian Folk Imagination

    Barker, Adele Marie

    The Mother Syndrome in the Russian Folk Imagination

    This study provides a psychological investigation into the mother-son relationship in Russian folk and literary tradition. Beginning with the byliny, it examines the origins of the strong woman figure whose power over her sons results in their regressive...

  • The Structure of Vasko Popa's Poetry

    Ronelle Alexander

    The Structure of Vasko Popa's Poetry

    The first section discusses the general nature of the cyclical organization in Popa's work, and demonstrates the unified character of the 1980 edition of his collected works (published as seven separate volumes in Serbo-Croatian, but as a single volume...

  • Vasiliy Pavlovich Aksenov

    Mozejko, Edward

    Vasiliy Pavlovich Aksenov

    This collection of articles is devoted to Vasiliy Pavlovich Aksenov, one of the most outstanding writers in contemporary Russian literature. In spite of all changes, turn-abouts and zigzag developments so typical of Soviet cultural life in the past...

  • Soviet Literary Structuralism

    Seyffert, Peter

    Soviet Literary Structuralism

    The sharp controversy of the 1920's between Russian formalists and Marxist ideologists resulted, for Soviet literary scholarship, in a lasting categorical opposition to all "formal" studies; failing the criterion of ideological commitment, "Formalism"...

  • Russian Poetics

    Eekman, Thomas

    Russian Poetics

    UCLA Slavic Studies no. 4 Proceedings of the International Colloquium At UCLA, September 22-26, 1975   Contents   Foreword     9 James Bailey  The Earliest Examples of Russian Folk...

  • Fiction and Drama

    Birnbaum & Eekman

    Fiction and Drama

    UCLA Slavic Studies no. 1 The papers appearing in this volume were originally presented at an international conference, held at UCLA in the spring of 1978. Covering a wide range of countries, authors, and topics, they focus on the postwar literary...

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