• A World of Slavic Literatures

    Morris, Paul

    A World of Slavic Literatures

    Although seemingly immodest in the expanse of thematic purview it suggests, A World of Slavic Literatures: Essays in Comparative Slavic Studies in Honor of Edward Mozejko is actually but a partial indicant of the scope of Mozejko's contribution to Slavic...

  • Against the Grain

    Tucker, Janet

    Against the Grain

    The purpose of the present collection is to underscore the vital role that parody, satire and intertextuality have played historically and continue to play in Russian literature and culture. Not intended as a comprehensive treatment, Against the Grain...

  • The Daring of Derzhavin

    Crone, Anna Lisa

    The Daring of Derzhavin

    This is a revisionist study of Derzhavin's poetic art and his contribution to the emerging importance of the role of "leading poet" in Russian culture and throughout the Russian Empire. As such, it returns to the 18th century and endeavors to remove...

  • In a Foreign Harbor: Essays in Honor of Vasa Mihailovich

    radmila gorup & bogdan rakic

    In a Foreign Harbor: Essays in Honor of Vasa Mihailovich

    The texts published in this collection, ranging from poetry in Professor Vasa D. Mihailovich's native Serbian language to essays dealing with literary works written in and about exile, from works on traditional Serbian poetry to studies on the Serbian...

  • Polish Romantic Literature

    Mikos, Michael J.

    Polish Romantic Literature

    The period of Romanticism has a special meaning for the Polish people. In spite of political and military defeats suffered between 1772 and 1863, and, most tragically, the loss of independence, Poland "had not lost her life yet." Considerable credit...

  • Gøgøl: Exploring Absence

    Spieker, Sven

    Gøgøl: Exploring Absence

    I. The Un/Sayable 1. Renate Lachmann The Semantic Construction of the Void 2. Jurij Lotman The Truth as Lie in Gogol's Poetics 3. Mikhail N. Epshtein The Irony of Style: The Demonic Element in Gogol's Concept of Russia 4. Christopher Putney Gogol's...

  • Polish Baroque & Enlightenment

    Mikos, Michael J.

    Polish Baroque & Enlightenment

    Polish Baroque and Enlightenment Literature (covering the period from the late sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries) follows Professor Mikos's well-received Polish Renaissance Literature, published by Slavica in 1995. As was the case with the...

  • Polish Renaissance Literature

    Mikos, Michael J.

    Polish Renaissance Literature

    This is the first collection of texts in English devoted solely to the rich literature, both prose and poetry, of the Polish Renaissance. The book presents in a fresh and accessible form the greatest texts from a golden age of Poland's literature,...

  • Studies in Poetics

    Semeka-Pankratov, Elena

    Studies in Poetics

    Contents Introduction Elena Semeka-Pankratov Editor's Preface:     ix Henryk Baran Krystyna Pomorska as Scholar: A Quest for Structure     xi A Tribute to Krystyna Pomorska Elzbieta Chodakowska...

  • Lives in Letters: Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya and her Correspondence


    Lives in Letters: Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya and her Correspondence

    The letters to Princess Volkonskaya published in this book reflect nearly thirty years of Russian and European history: the Napoleonic Wars, victory and the subsequent upheavals, the religious struggles between the Russian Orthodox Church and the growing...

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