History & Area Studies

  • New Labor History

    Melancon & Pate

    New Labor History

    New Labor History marks a first return to labor and workers' history in the Russian field after a decade when most historians turned to other issues. In this collection, established scholars join with younger researchers to bring new materials,...

  • Enlightener of Rus’

    francis butler

    Enlightener of Rus’

    In 987 or 988 AD, the Kievan prince Vladimir Sviatoslavich chose to adopt the Christian religion for his people, a move that earned him a permanent place in the history of the East Slavs, the peoples that now inhabit Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus...

  • The Russian Context

    edited by eloise m. boyle & genevra gerhart

    The Russian Context

    The Russian Context defines Russian culture by describing the limits of the common (high) culture as it is referred to in everyday language. By high culture we mean literature, art, science, history, and we also include proverbs, government, and...

  • Nations and Nationalisms

    sabrina p. ramet, james r. felak, & herbert j. ellison

    Nations and Nationalisms

    Nationalism has been a driving force in the still unfinished era of nation-building in East Central Europe. Conventionally traced to the late Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the rise of nationalism colored nineteenth-century understandings...

  • Georgian Language and Culture

    Kiziria & Aronson

    Georgian Language and Culture

    This book is intended for students who have completed the equivalent of a first-year Georgian course. Designed to be used either in the classroom or for self-instruction, the book presupposes only a command of basic Georgian grammar and a basically...

  • American Contributions to the 12th International Congress of Slavists

    Robert A. Maguire and Alan Timberlake (eds.)

    American Contributions to the 12th International Congress of Slavists

    Contents Part I: Literature CAROL J. AVINS Jewish Ritual and Soviet Context in Two Stories of Isaac Babel     11 ELLEN CHANCES Reflections of Contemporary Russian Society, Culture, and Values in Iurii Mamin's Film, Window to...

  • Toward a Classless Society


    Toward a Classless Society

    Thompson Bradley taught Russian language and literature at Swarthmore College from 1962 to 2001. He has had a tremendous and continuing influence on colleagues, friends, students, and comrades in political organizing and action. This Festschrift honors...

  • Revolution Betrayed

    Tucker, Janet

    Revolution Betrayed

    In the novel Envy Jurij Olesha addressed one of the most critical issues of his time -- the impact of the October Revolution on Soviet intellectuals. This issue is part of the larger cultural and literary paradigm which surfaced in the nineteenth...

  • Foreign Descriptions of Muscovy

    Poe, Marshall

    Foreign Descriptions of Muscovy

    Foreign accounts of Muscovy have long been recognized as fundamental historical sources. Generally speaking, they relate two kinds of evidence for those interested in early modern affairs. First, the accounts provide ample information about...

  • Novgorod in Focus

    Birnbaum, Henrik

    Novgorod in Focus

    Contents Forward, by V.L. Yanin           9 Prefatory Note           11 1.  Novgorod Between East and West          15 2.   When and How Was Novgorod Converted...

  • Flights Into The Past

    Roklina, Natalie

    Flights Into The Past

    The purpose of this book is to allow students of Russian in their first and second years of study to read -- and to enjoy! -- authentic, unabridged, and unsimplified Russian literature. Works chosen for the collection give their reader insight into...

  • Lives in Letters: Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya and her Correspondence


    Lives in Letters: Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya and her Correspondence

    The letters to Princess Volkonskaya published in this book reflect nearly thirty years of Russian and European history: the Napoleonic Wars, victory and the subsequent upheavals, the religious struggles between the Russian Orthodox Church and the growing...

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