History & Area Studies

  • The Making of Russian History

    Steinberg & Wade

    The Making of Russian History

    Allan K. Wildman’s wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and lively personality influenced all who knew him. His interests ranged across workers, intellectuals, soldiers, and peasants, and across broad time periods. His students have built upon that...

  • The Littlest Enemies

    Hoffman, Deborah

    The Littlest Enemies

    The Gulag, a network of labor camps across the former Soviet Union, first came to the attention of the English-speaking world in 1974, with the translation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. Author Anne Applebaum estimates that as...

  • Two Words to the Wise

    Rothstein, Robert

    Two Words to the Wise

    Since July 2004 Robert Rothstein has been writing about Polish language, literature and folklore for the Boston-based biweekly Biały Orzeł/White Eagle. Inspired by the calender, by items in the Polish press, by his experience learning and teaching...

  • Rude and Barbarous Kingdom Revisited

    Dunning et al.

    Rude and Barbarous Kingdom Revisited

    This volume is respectfully and affectionately presented to Robert O. Crummey on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the publication of his famous compilation Rude & Barbarous Kingdom: Russia in the accounts of Sixteenth-Century English...

  • Red Sky, Black Death

    Timofeyeva-Yegorova, Anna

    Red Sky, Black Death

    Born in a tiny village amidst revolution and civil war, Anna Yegorova came of age during the grimmest years of Soviet power. An optimistic and resolute young patriot, she saw hope and vision in the nascent superpower's ideology. She volunteered to...

  • Village Values

    Rouhier-Willoughby, Jeanmarie

    Village Values

    From the introduction: The rituals of wedding, delivery, and funeral provide us with an insight into how multiple strains of Russian culture from the October Revolution to the present have managed to coexist and evolve. All three rituals exhibit traces...

  • Political Humor under Stalin

    Brandenberger, David

    Political Humor under Stalin

    Political Humor Under Stalin is an anthology of jokes, wisecracks, and satire from the Soviet 1930's and '40s that provides a glimpse of everyday dissembling and dissent in one of the modern world's most repressive societies. More than merely a joke...

  • Empire Jews: Jewish Nationalism

    Horowitz, Brian

    Empire Jews: Jewish Nationalism

    In this unique book Brian Horowitz, Sizeler Family Chair Professor at Tulane University, articulates what is hidden in plain view: namely that many Jews in late-tsarist Russia were in love with its culture. Although they despised its government, large...

  • In Search of Milk and Honey

    Kotlerman, Ber Boris

    In Search of Milk and Honey

    In the mid-1930s, when the Soviet regime established Birobidzhan as the “Soviet Jewish state” with Yiddish as its official language, the local Yiddish theater assumed new prominence. In Search of Milk and Honey focuses on the...

  • Working Souls

    Herrlinger, Page

    Working Souls

    An exploration of the extent to which worker religious identity was trans–formed by the experience of urban factory life, Working Souls also examines how the spiritual needs and demands of working-class laity precipitated changes in the...

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