History & Area Studies

  • South Slavic Folk Culture

    klaus roth & gabriele wolf

    South Slavic Folk Culture

    The ethnic, religious, linguistic, and cultural diversity, the perceived distance from Western culture as well as linguistic barriers make access to South Slavic folk cultures difficult. In spite of that there is a surprisingly large number of...

  • The Ashkenazic Jews

    Wexler, Paul

    The Ashkenazic Jews

    This book, a linguist's reassessment of early European Jewish history, will be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered how the Jewish people, lacking their own territorial base and living as a minority among often hostile non-Jewish peoples over the...

  • Three Russian Lyric Folk Song Meters

    Bailey, James

    Three Russian Lyric Folk Song Meters

    Although Russian literary versification has been thoroughly investigated, Russian folk verse has been relatively little studied. Epic verse has received the most attention and has been compared with the Serbo-Croatian deseterac in an effort to...

  • Labyrinth of Nationalism

    Frucht, Richard

    Labyrinth of Nationalism

    Contents Introduction     9 Paul E. and Jean T. Michelson Charles and Barbara Jelavich: A Bibliographical Appreciation     13 Chronological Bibliography     55 Catherine...

  • Catalog of Manuscripts set

    Matejic, Mateja

    Catalog of Manuscripts set

    This unique achievement in the cataloging of medieval Slavic Cyrillic manuscripts provides 1,842 catalog records and over two hundred pages of unified indices representing medieval manuscript material brought together on microform in the Hilandar...

  • Essays on Revolutionary Culture

    Strong, John W.

    Essays on Revolutionary Culture

    Contents: Richard Stites: Festival and Revolution: The Role of Public Spectacle in Russia, 1917-1918;Gabriele Gorzka: Proletarian Culture in Practice: Workers' Clubs, 1917-1921;Felix Patrikeeff: Russian and Soviet Economic Penetration of...

  • Imperial Power and Development

    Rowney, Don Karl

    Imperial Power and Development

    Contents Foreword     7 Don Karl Rowney Introduction     9 Part I. Russian Adventurers in the Age of Enlightenment: Expeditions to the Pacific in the Eighteenth Century Basil Dmytryshyn Privately...

  • The Darkling

    Perkowski, Jan

    The Darkling

    Some years ago, while pursuing folklore field work in eastern Canada, the author stumbled upon an active vampire cult. The interest aroused by this discovery led to a series of invited lectures and eventually the establishment of a college course...

  • East European History

    Kirschbaum, Stanislav

    East European History

    Contents Foreword     5   Historiography   Alexandru Zub Themes in Southeast European Historiography     11 Paul E. Michelson Themes in Modern and Contemporary Romanian...

  • The State in Early Modern Russia: New Directions

    Bushkovitch, Paul (ed.)

    The State in Early Modern Russia: New Directions

    In the last generation a large body of new empirical information has challenged the inherited views of early modern Russia. Much of this new information has been about the state, its administration, practices, and relations with society. Old ideas and...

  • Staging the Image: Dmitry Prigov as Artist and Writer

    Gerald Janecek (ed.)

    Staging the Image: Dmitry Prigov as Artist and Writer

    Dmitry Prigov (1940–2007), the most prominent figure in Moscow Conceptualism, is not well known in the West because of a lack of English translations of his work and scholarship in English. This collection of articles by some of the most devoted...

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