• Proto-Slavic and Old Bulgarian Sound Changes

    Scatton & Velcheva

    Proto-Slavic and Old Bulgarian Sound Changes

    This is an English version of Praslavianski i starob''lgarski fonologicheski izmeneniia, published in 1980 by the Publishing House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Because this innovative and important book was received with great enthusiasm by...

  • Morphology of Aspect

    Mayo, Peter J.

    Morphology of Aspect

    Since the seventeenth century was a critical period for the development of modern Russian, this study focusses on a relatively unified group of texts from one period and subjects them to a detailed and careful analysis. Constant comparisons to the...

  • An Introduction to Old Church Slavic

    Schmalstieg, William

    An Introduction to Old Church Slavic

    Because this book contains not only the grammatical material, but also readings and a detailed glossary for them, with full cross-referencing, it makes a complete introductory course in OCS. All paradigms and reading selections (except the Freising...

  • Introduction to Russian Phonology and Word Structure

    Hamilton, William

    Introduction to Russian Phonology and Word Structure

    Although this book was written for structure of Russian courses, it can also be used profitably in upper-level grammar courses. It consists of parts on phonetics, phonemics and morphophonemics. The phonetics section gives a general introduction to...

  • Russian Root List, 2nd Ed.

    Gribble, Charles E.

    Russian Root List, 2nd Ed.

    An essential book for every student and teacher of Russian. Helps students increase their vocabulary and remember words better because they understand how the meanings are derived. "The book is a small miracle." (SEEJ) "It can be recommended without...

  • Russian Declension & Conjugation

    Levin, Maurice

    Russian Declension & Conjugation

    An important and widely-used text on the structure of Russian, of use to teachers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate language students. Contents:I. Structural TranscriptionII. Noun StressIII. Noun Declension;IV. Adjective DeclensionV...

  • Russian Word Formation

    Townsend, Charles

    Russian Word Formation

    A practical, general description of Russian derivational morphology aimed at a wide audience. Of use to Russian linguists, specialists in the Russian language, graduate students in Slavic languages and literatures, teachers of Russian, and, taught...

  • More Words to the Wise

    Rothstein, Robert

    More Words to the Wise

      This book is not about “things you always wanted to know about Polish but were afraid to ask,” but rather about “things about Polish you never imagined could be so interesting until Professor Rothstein began to talk about them...

  • The Forms of Russian

    Gribble, Charles E.

    The Forms of Russian

    The Forms of Russian gives a thorough account of Russian morphology and morphophonemics pitched at intermediate to advanced learners of Russian, and is especially suited for a course in the structure of Russian for Russian majors and beginning graduate...

  • Lithuanian Root List

    Cynthia M. Vakareliyska

    Lithuanian Root List

    Thirty-five years after the publication of Charles Gribble’s monumental Russian Root List, Slavica Publishers offers Cynthia M. Vakareliyska’s Lithuanian Root List, the first list of common Lithuanian roots...

  • Studies in Phonological Theory and Historical Linguistics

    Darden, Bill J.

    Studies in Phonological Theory and Historical Linguistics

    This book provides some of the fruits of a career teaching Slavic linguistics and phonological theory. Bill Darden was trained in both Prague-School linguistics and generative phonology, and integrates both in his work. He was among the early proponents...

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