• Utrum in alterum

    Veder, William

    Utrum in alterum

    Texts handed down from generation to generation in manuscript form must be asked the fundamental question "Of two readings, which is more likely to have been corrupted into the other?" This question, which can be traced at least as far as Erasmus of...

  • A Short Grammar of Bulgarian

    Rå Hauge, Kjetil

    A Short Grammar of Bulgarian

    The grammar has three primary purposes. First, it may serve as a practical handbook, presenting the essential linguistic facts of contemporary Bulgarian to the foreign language learner who seeks to deepen his understanding of Bulgarian beyond the...

  • Russian Punctuation

    Vajda et al.

    Russian Punctuation

    Although punctuation is crucial to even basic written literacy in any European language, Russian language textbooks designed for English speakers routinely fail to provide even basic information on this important facet of written Russian. This new,...

  • Sketches of Slavic Scholars

    Birnbaum, Henrik

    Sketches of Slavic Scholars

    1. O.O. Potebnja's Conception of Russian Morphosyntax Viewed in its Historical Context 2. V. Jagic's Contribution to Slavic Syntax 3. A.M. Peskovskij's Vision of Russian Syntax. 4. S. Ivsic's Contribution to Slavic Comparative Linguistics 5...

  • Selected Essays of Catherine V. Chvany

    Chvany, Catherine V.

    Selected Essays of Catherine V. Chvany

    Contains a selection of work by one of the most important Slavic linguists of the past thirty years, along with introductions to the individual sections by other eminent specialists. While the material is primarily Slavic, most of the articles treat...

  • Topics in the Structure of Russian

    Hart, David

    Topics in the Structure of Russian

    Most students who take Russian wonder about various aspects of its phonology and grammatical system, especially the idiosyncrasies and intricacies that differ markedly from English. Many sense that a more orderly system must underlie the complex and...

  • Common and Comparative Slavic

    laura janda & charles townsend

    Common and Comparative Slavic

    Townsend and Janda's book provides a thorough description of the phonology and inflection of Late Common Slavic with copious background on its precursors and a detailed survey of its stages of development. The comparative approach is blended in from the...

  • Handbook of Russian Affixes

    Cubberly, Paul

    Handbook of Russian Affixes

    This is a concise dictionary of Russian affixes, classified into Prefixes (total 60) and Suffixes (Nouns -- 219, Adjectives -- 100, Verbs -- 20) -- a grand total of some 390 affixes, which is a virtually exhaustive list of all Russian affixes. It is...

  • James Daniel Armstrong in Memoriam

    James Daniel Armstrong in Memoriam

    Contents   Foreword     7 Edna Andrews Markedness Theory: An Explication of its Theoretical Basis and Applicability in Semantic Analysis     9 Ronald F. Feldstein On the Evolution of Jer +...

  • Alexander Lipson in Memoriam

    Edited by Charles E. Gribble, Robert A. Rothstein, Edythe C. Haber, Hugh M. Olmsted, Robert Szulkin, Charles E. Townsend

    Alexander Lipson in Memoriam

    "Alexander Lipson himself and A Russian Course are part of the history of American Slavistics, which In Memoriam continues into many areas of current interest. Besides the expected literary, linguistic and pedagogical issues, it touches on...

  • Dictionary of Omissions for Russian Translators

    Geld, Isidore

    Dictionary of Omissions for Russian Translators

    While the examples are taken from scientific texts, this dictionary will be of use to all students of Russian, and especially to all translators. "Omissions" are words or phrases that are not to be translated when turning a Russian text into English...

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