• A Syntax of Serbian: Clausal Architecture

    Progovac, Ljiljana

    A Syntax of Serbian: Clausal Architecture

    Couched in the recent Minimalist theory of syntax, A Syntax of Serbian: Clausal Architecture builds a skeleton of functional projections for Serbian, arguing that their inventory is limited to morphologically manifested categories in...

  • Stones on the Prairie: Acculturation in America

    Eckert, Eva

    Stones on the Prairie: Acculturation in America

    The language of tombstones tells the story of Czech immigrants in Texas, from its beginnings in the social and economic upheavals of 19th- and early 20th-century Bohemia and Moravia to its end in the era of opportunity and mobility that followed World...

  • Dialects of Macedonian

    Vidoeski, Bozidar

    Dialects of Macedonian

    Božidar Vidoeski (1920–1998) was the father of Modern Macedonian dialectology. Not only did he publish numerous studies of individual dialects but also broader syntheses that superseded all previous attempts and that remain to this day the...

  • Pronunciation Rules for Russian

    Derwing et al.

    Pronunciation Rules for Russian

    This book presents a systematic approach to the spelling and pronunciation of Contemporary Standard Russian. Beginning with the standard orthography, three transcriptions are derived: the first is appropriate for grammatical (morphological)...

  • Language in Former Yugoslav Lands

    Bugarski, Ranko

    Language in Former Yugoslav Lands

    Contents Prelude by Ranko Bugarski: Overview of the linguistic aspects of the disintegration of former Yugoslavia Federal Republic of YugoslaviaMilorad Radovanovic: From Serbo-Croatian to Serbian: external and internal language developmentsLjubomir...

  • Russian Sounds and Inflections

    Swan, Oscar

    Russian Sounds and Inflections

    A practical reference guide to the sounds, internal structure, and grammatical forms ofRussian inflected words, intended for both advanced students of the language and for prospective teachers of it. Alongside explicit structural descriptions of Russian...

  • Common Slavic Nominal Morphology

    robert orr

    Common Slavic Nominal Morphology

    This monograph offers a comprehensive treatment of the evolution of an important part of Common Slavic morphology from Indo-European. It argues that shortly before the earliest written attestations, Slavic nominal declension underwent a massive...

  • Negation in Slavic

    sue brown & adam przepiorkowski

    Negation in Slavic

    Negation in Slavic joins the ranks of recent studies on negation in its attempt to deepen our understanding of negation phenomena, and is unique in its breadth and diversity of approach. What began as the proceedings of the Workshop on the Syntax...

  • In the Realm of Slavic Philology

    john dingley & leon ferder

    In the Realm of Slavic Philology

    It is no exaggeration to state that Professor Dean S. Worth has been the most influential Slavic linguist in America of the first generation of scholars trained by Roman Jakobson. In addition to an extraordinary range of publications, he helped...

  • Cakavian Prosody

    Langston, Keith

    Cakavian Prosody

    The Čakavian dialects are known for their complex prosodic systems and have long been recognized as an important source of information for the historical reconstruction of Common Slavic accentuation. The study of the interactions of tone, quantity, and...

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