• Form and Meaning


    Form and Meaning

    The twenty chapters of this volume are revised versions of essays published during the last twenty-five years in a variety of journals and collections. They are studies of works belonging to five different genres and written by fourteen Russian and...

  • American Contributions to the 11th International Congress of Slavists

    Edited by Robert A. Maguire and Alan Timberlake

    American Contributions to the 11th International Congress of Slavists

    Henrik Birnbaum Where was the Center of the Moravian State? Evelyn Bristol The Avant-Garde in Russia and the West Ellen Chances Unheard Music: Literary Refrains in the Film A Forgotten Melody for the Flute Andrew R. Durkin The Generic Context of...

  • Basic Reference Grammar of Slovene

    Derbyshire, William

    Basic Reference Grammar of Slovene

    This work is the first reference grammar of its kind and describes the contemporary Slovene language in a concise and easily comprehensible way. It is intended for speakers of English who are studying Slovene at the elementary through the intermediate...

  • Language Planning in Yugoslavia

    Bugarski, Ranko

    Language Planning in Yugoslavia

    Contents Notes on the Contributors     5 Introduction     7 I Language Situation and General Policy Ranko Bugarski Language in Yugoslavia: Situation, Policy,...

  • Mental Grammar

    Durst-Anderson, Per

    Mental Grammar

    Durst-Andersen develops a new conceptual framework for the clarification of the relations between verbal, sentential, and utterance meaning and aspectuality. The book takes up some of the hardest problems of Russian aspect usage, e.g., the usage of...

  • New York Missal

    Corin, Andrew

    New York Missal

    Along with an analysis of the New York Missal itself (a Croatian Glagolitic manuscript of the second quarter of the 15th century), this volume represents a statement of the phonetic, orthographic, and graphic characteristics of Croatian Church Slavonic...

  • The Dialect of Gorno Kalenik

    Hill, Peter

    The Dialect of Gorno Kalenik

    This monograph describes the South Slavic dialect of a village which is located about 6 km. south of the Greek-Yugoslav border and 10 km. from the town of Lerin (Florina). The author of this study, who is a professor of Slavic linguistics at the...

  • Yugoslav Linguistics in English

    Milivojevic, Dragan

    Yugoslav Linguistics in English

    This is a bibliographical guide to the materials published in English on Yugoslav linguistics and the official languages -- Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, and Macedonian. In spite of the existence of annual bibliographies (the MLA Bibliography, Linguistic...

  • A Description of Spoken Prague Czech

    Townsend, Charles

    A Description of Spoken Prague Czech

    Professor Townsend's book will be of interest not only to Bohemists, but also to students of Slavic linguistics and to sociolinguists, since spoken and written Czech are radically different and present an unusually interesting case of diglossia. The...

  • Aronson, Howard

    Georgian: A Reading Grammar

    Professor Aronson's book, originally published in 1982, was the first grammar of Georgian for beginners to be published in English. The goal of the book is to enable a student to read Georgian literature (primarily scholarly) with the aid of a...

  • Aspects of Modern Russian and Czech Literature

    McMillin, Arnold

    Aspects of Modern Russian and Czech Literature

    Contents Foreword by R. C. Elwood     5 Editorial Board     6 Introduction by Arnold McMillin     7 Ewa M. Thompson V. B. Shklovskii and the Russian Intellectual...

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