Imago Mundi and Other Poems

By Wojciech Wencel, Edited and Translated by Michael J. Mikoś

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Wojciech Wencel, born in Gdańsk in 1972, is one of the most important contemporary Polish poets.  He is the author of many volumes of poetry, literary biographies, and essays, and the recipient of several prestigious literary awards, most recently the 2022 Oskar Halecki Prize in Polish and East European History.  Imago Mundi and Other Poems is the first extensive translation of his work into English, which contains over eighty poems, beginning with his first book, entitled Poems (1995), and ending with Polonia Aeterna (2018).


Michael J. Mikoś, a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is the author of nineteen books, and over eighty articles, including a six-volume history and anthology of Polish literature, and is a recipient of the PEN Club Prize.