Language Learning

  • Beginning Slovak

    Swan & Lorinc

    Beginning Slovak

    This book, the first modern, full course of Slovak for English speakers, is intended for the first year of language study at the college level. It is also suitable for self study when used in combination with accompanying tapes. For additional...

  • Aronson, Howard

    Georgian: A Reading Grammar

    Professor Aronson's book, originally published in 1982, was the first grammar of Georgian for beginners to be published in English. The goal of the book is to enable a student to read Georgian literature (primarily scholarly) with the aid of a...

  • Twelve Stories

    LaRocco & Paperno

    Twelve Stories

    These short stories by Mikhail Zoshchenko, a classic of Soviet satire, were collected from various early editions. They include such gems as "Rodnye Liudi", "Seren'kii kozlik", "Bania," and other stories. No changes were made in the text. All idiomatic,...

  • Неделя как неделя - Just Another Week

    Paperno et al.

    Неделя как неделя - Just Another Week

    This is a novelistic first-person account of a typical week in the life of a Soviet woman and her efforts to hold down two full-time jobs: one as a scientist in a laboratory, the other as a mother and wife. The general problem is a familiar one in...

  • Beginning Hittite

    Gertz et al.

    Beginning Hittite

    This elementary textbook is an introduction to the Hittite language and writing system for self instruction and for beginning students, especially students who cannot work easily with the existing German grammars but who want a more up-to-date source...

  • Что я видел - What I Saw

    Paperno & Leed

    Что я видел - What I Saw

    This book of readings is intended for students of Russian who have had at least one semester of study. It has a glossary and notes on facing pages and a complete glossary at the end. The copiously illustrated text of this book is a copy of portions...

  • Advanced Russian 2nd ed.

    Nakhimovsky et al.

    Advanced Russian 2nd ed.

    Advanced Russian is intended for students who have had at least two full years of Russian, and can be used in third, fourth, or fifth-year classes. Its strongest features are good, colloquial Russian, solid, up-to-date grammatical analysis, considerable...

  • Getting Around Town

    Paperno & Sylvester

    Getting Around Town

    The book is divided into 14 chapters (Transport, Knizhnyj magazin, Pervyj vizit v gosti, etc.). Each chapter contains 15 to 20 dialogs, typically 4 lines long. The dialogs are written in a very colloquial style. The book contains no grammar explanations,...

  • Intermediate Polish

    Swan, Oscar

    Intermediate Polish

    This book is a sequel to and continuation of the author's immensely successful First Year Polish. It is intended for use in the late second through the third year of language study. For additional materials, visit the author's website at:...

  • Readings in Czech

    Heim et al.

    Readings in Czech

    Readings in Czech is for students who have mastered the rudiments of Czech grammar. It introduces them to a body of Czech texts widely divergent in style and subject matter. Each selection is prefaced by a brief description of its source and context. A...

  • Workbook to Russian Root List

    Browning, Gary

    Workbook to Russian Root List

    Written to accompany Charles E. Gribble's Russian Root List, this workbook is intended as a study and teaching aid to facilitate the effective learning of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. "V posobii sobran obshirnyi i raznoobraznyi slovarnyi material,...

  • First Year Polish (2nd)

    Swan, Oscar

    First Year Polish (2nd)

    The first edition of this book met with instant success; the new edition has been completely rewritten, with much material added, and a wealth of photographs, graphic material, and songs have been added. First Year Polish is intended for use in both...

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