First Year Polish (2nd)

Swan, Oscar

354 pages
Publication Date:
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The first edition of this book met with instant success; the new edition has been completely rewritten, with much material added, and a wealth of photographs, graphic material, and songs have been added. First Year Polish is intended for use in both high school and college courses and for individualized instruction. The book is written for persons with little or no previous language-learning experience. Attention is paid to speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The language is based upon that of contemporary Poland; grammar is presented explicitly but is well spread throughout the book. Every effort is made to avoid grammar burnout: topics found to be easier for English-speaking learners are placed earlier. The thirty lessons vary between conversation and reading. Each lesson is generously supplied with pattern drills and sentences for translation. The book is richly illustrated. Most lessons can realistically be covered in a single week of non intensive classroom study.

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" effective and enjoyable textbook... lucid and ingenious, is an excellent introduction to the structure of the Polish language and to everyday realities of modern Poland. ... It is a rare textbook, one to be studied as well as enjoyed." (SEEJ)