Language Learning

  • Learner’s Dictionary of Slovene

    Derbyshire, William

    Learner’s Dictionary of Slovene

    This dictionary, containing approximately 5000 Slovene words and their English translations, was written for users at all levels. Entries include the most commonly encountered words in Slovene, as well as numerous additional words which display...

  • Grammar of Contemporary Polish

    Swan, Oscar

    Grammar of Contemporary Polish

    This guide to contemporary Polish language and its usage is primarily intended for English-speaking learners of Polish. It is a practical grammar, designed to facilitate the learning of forms and to explain their uses in a way that is accessible to the...

  • Intermediate Russian: The Twelve Chairs

    Nakhimovsky et al.

    Intermediate Russian: The Twelve Chairs

    Designed for students who have had at least one year of Russian, this textbook is appropriate for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th semester and can be covered in one or two semesters. It is the middle course of the series of Russian textbooks produced by the Upstate...

  • Learning and Teaching

    benjamin rifkin & olga kagan

    Learning and Teaching

    This collection of essays surveys recent methodological developments in the art and science of teaching Slavic languages and cultures. The volume includes 37 contributions spanning the full range of Slavic language study and reflecting the rich...

  • Advanced Russian Tabloid Reader

    Mozur, Joseph

    Advanced Russian Tabloid Reader

    This reader for intermediate-advanced students is drawn from the "juicy" material of tabloid journalism; subjects range from the incredible and ridiculous to the horrendous and outrageous. The language is highly provocative, peppered with social...

  • Georgian Language and Culture

    Kiziria & Aronson

    Georgian Language and Culture

    This book is intended for students who have completed the equivalent of a first-year Georgian course. Designed to be used either in the classroom or for self-instruction, the book presupposes only a command of basic Georgian grammar and a basically...

  • A Short Grammar of Bulgarian

    Rå Hauge, Kjetil

    A Short Grammar of Bulgarian

    The grammar has three primary purposes. First, it may serve as a practical handbook, presenting the essential linguistic facts of contemporary Bulgarian to the foreign language learner who seeks to deepen his understanding of Bulgarian beyond the...

  • Russian Punctuation

    Vajda et al.

    Russian Punctuation

    Although punctuation is crucial to even basic written literacy in any European language, Russian language textbooks designed for English speakers routinely fail to provide even basic information on this important facet of written Russian. This new,...

  • A Short Grammar of Latvian

    Mathiassen, Terje

    A Short Grammar of Latvian

    This is a "twin" to the Short Grammar of Lithuanian available from Slavica. For the first time, we have modern structural reference grammars of both modern Baltic languages written according to the same scheme, so comparisons between the two languages...

  • A Short Grammar of Lithuanian

    Mathiassen, Terje

    A Short Grammar of Lithuanian

    The first modern descriptive grammar of Lithuanian in English, this book is intended above all for university students and linguists, but is readily accessible to a broader audience if they are willing to look up a few grammatical terms in a dictionary...

  • A Russian-English Collocational Dictionary of the Human Body

    Paperno & Iordanskaya

    A Russian-English Collocational Dictionary of the Human Body

    This remarkable book is an exhaustive combinatorial Russian-English dictionary of a small group of words that are of more than passing interest in everyday life and language. The dictionary contains 73 entries: 63 parts of the body, plus 10 words...

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