Language Learning

  • Reading Bulgarian Through Russian 2nd ed.

    Gribble, Charles E.

    Reading Bulgarian Through Russian 2nd ed.

    The second revised edition of this innovative book teaches the user to read Bulgarian by taking advantage of the similarities between Bulgarian and Russian. Fifty-one sections explaining the structure of the Bulgarian language are reinforced by...

  • Selected Short Stories by Vassily Aksyonov

    Levine, James

    Selected Short Stories by Vassily Aksyonov

    The stories in this collection are intended for intermediate to advanced students of Russian who already have a good knowledge of basic Russian grammar and wish to expand their vocabulary, develop their skills in reading, as well as in speaking and...

  • Bulgarian Dialects book cover

    Ronelle Alexander & Vladimir Zhobov

    Bulgarian Dialects: Living Speech in the Digital Age

    This book describes the genesis and structure of the project Bulgarian Dialectology as Living Tradition, a searchable and interactive database of field recordings of Bulgarian dialects covering all major dialect types, with innovative analyses including...

  • Advancing in Albanian

    Linda Mëniku & Héctor Campos

    Advancing in Albanian (Textbook and Workbook Set)

    The authors’ original introductory textbook of Albanian (Discovering Albanian 1, U. of Wisconsin Press, 2011) was hailed as “lightening the burden of the instructor, allowing for more productive efforts in designing an...

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