A Short Grammar of Lithuanian

Mathiassen, Terje

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The first modern descriptive grammar of Lithuanian in English, this book is intended above all for university students and linguists, but is readily accessible to a broader audience if they are willing to look up a few grammatical terms in a dictionary. The fourteen chapters of the book cover almost all aspects of Lithuanian grammar: phonology and phonetics, including stress; nouns; adjectives; pronouns; numerals; verbs; adverbs; case usage; prepositions; time expressions; conjunctions; the sentence; agreement; word order. In morphology word derivation as well as declension and conjugation is treated, and material on syntax in included in several chapters, especially the later ones. Where appropriate, short remarks on contrastive Lithuanian-English matters are given. Although the presentation is a synchronic one, in certain places short comments and explanations of diachronic matters are given in small type. Professor Mathiassen's book has a very detailed Table of Contents and an index, as well as a substantial bibliography.