• It Happened on the First of September (or Some Other Time)

    Pavol Rankov, translated by Madgalena Mullek

    It Happened on the First of September (or Some Other Time)

    Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature. "It's where we've ended up. Not because of our own mistakes, because of politics. We weren't able to live our own lives; we had to live the way we were told to." - Maria (excerpt from book) "It...

  • Ivan IV and Muscovy

    Charles J. Halperin

    Ivan IV and Muscovy

    Ivan the Terrible continues to fascinate and confuse historians. In Ivan the Terrible: Free to Reward and Free to Punish Charles J. Halperin presented a new and comprehensive interpretation of Ivan’s personality and reign. In his second book on...

  • A Life At Noon

    Talasbek Asemkulov, translated by Shelley Fairweather-Vega

    A Life At Noon

    “He could not have said exactly what he was hearing. A baby’s sweet babbling? A hesitant declaration of love? He does not know. But the sound moves him as if he might discover in it something eternally important, something unlike he has...

  • No Collusion book cover

    David M. Griffiths, edited by George E. Munro

    No Collusion! Catherine the Great and American Independence

    Empress Catherine II, building on the military and diplomatic successes of Emperor Peter I and Empress Elizabeth, in less than two decades of rule brought Russia to the forefront among European powers. Her creation of a League of Armed Neutrality,...

  • Microvariation in the South Slavic Noun Phrase

    Steven Franks

    Microvariation in the South Slavic Noun Phrase

    This extraordinary work addresses a number of fundamental theoretical issues based on a wealth of fascinating data related to the nominal domain of South Slavic languages. The analyses it proposes and the conclusions it reaches are truly thought...

  • Ukrainian Chapter Book Cover

    Translated by Michael Eli Nutkiewicz

    A Ukrainian Chapter: A Jewish Aid Worker's Memoir of Sorrow

    Eli Gumener’s 1921 Yiddish memoir, A Ukrainian Chapter, is a rare historical source about relief work spanning the two most devastating years of the pogroms in the Russian Civil War. He concentrates on the collapse of Jewish communities in Podolia,...

  • The Great Republic book cover

    Edited by Susan Smith-Peter

    The Great Republic Tested by the Touch of Truth

    Aleksei Evstaf´ev’s 1852 book, The Great Republic Tested by the Touch of Truth, is an early work in English by a native of Ukraine who identified as a Russian. Drawing from his years of Russian diplomatic service in the United States,...

  • Pain book cover image

    Miroslav Maksimović, translated by John Jeffries and Bogdan Rakić


    A book of fourteen sonnets, Pain deals with a historical event from August 1941, when the entire Serbian population of the ethnically mixed village of Miostrah in Bosnia were massacred by their Muslim neighbors in a large genocidal campaign aimed at the...

  • Bulgarian Dialects book cover

    Ronelle Alexander & Vladimir Zhobov

    Bulgarian Dialects: Living Speech in the Digital Age

    This book describes the genesis and structure of the project Bulgarian Dialectology as Living Tradition, a searchable and interactive database of field recordings of Bulgarian dialects covering all major dialect types, with innovative analyses including...

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