• RGWR V5, B3: The Russian Civil War: Military and Society

    David R. Stone et al. (eds.)

    RGWR V5, B3: The Russian Civil War: Military and Society

    This book--one of two covering the Russian Civil War in a volume on military affairs during Russia’s Great War and Revolution--explores institutions, social groups, and social conflict amid the chaos of the war that followed the Russian...

  • Against the devil in History book cover

    By Aleksander Wat, Translated by Frank L. Vigoda, Edited and with an Introduction by Gwido Zlatkes

    Against the Devil in History: Poems, Short Stories, Essays, Fragments

    Aleksander Wat. This extraordinary poet can be seen against the background of three periods of the 20th century. Born in 1900 to a Jewish merchant family in Warsaw, he became an anarchist and futurist, edited a communist journal, and was imprisoned by...

  • V zeleni drželi zeleni breg book cover

    Dickey, Steven M., and Mark R. Lauersdorf (eds.)

    V zeleni drželi zeleni breg: Studies in Honor of Marc L. Greenberg

    This volume of essays honors Marc L. Greenberg for his distinguished contributions to research in the field of Slavic linguistics, as well as for his effort in support of foreign languages in American higher education, most notably as a professor and...

  • Katerino Mome book cover

    Edited by Steven L. Franks, Vrinda Chidambaram, Brian D. Joseph, and Iliyana Krapova

    Katerino Mome: Studies in Bulgarian Morphosyntax in Honor of Catherine Rudin

    As demonstrated by the diverse contributions to this volume, Catherine Rudin occupies a special position in Bulgarian linguistics. Since her 1982 Indiana University dissertation, she has come to be known as the doyenne of Bulgarian generative syntax. Her...

  • The Jewish Worker in Russia

    Yakov Leshchinsky, translated by Robert Brym

    The Jewish Worker in Russia

    At the turn of the 20th century, the Russian Empire's 5.2 million Jews were in crisis. Having quintupled in number since 1800, they were substantially impoverished and crammed into Russia's 25 westernmost provinces. Some pinned their hopes on...

  • Murder Ballad and other legends book cover

    by Bohumil Hrabal, translated by Timothy West

    Murder Ballads and Other Legends

    “Some texts, after I’ve written them, have woken me up in the night so that I break out in a sweat and jump out of bed.” With this confession Bohumil Hrabal concludes Murder Ballads and Other Legends, a genre-bending collection of...

  • Each Venture a new beginning book cover

    Anastasia Makarova, Stephen M. Dickey and Dagmar Divjak

    Each Venture a New Beginning: Studies in Honor of Laura A. Janda

    This collection of articles written by colleagues, friends, and students of Laura A. Janda is presented in honor of her contributions to Slavic and Cognitive Linguistics. Topics covered in the volume range from theoretical contributions in Cognitive...

  • Syntax and Spell-Out in Slavic book cover

    Steven Franks

    Syntax and Spell-Out in Slavic

    Read our interview with Steve Franks about this book.   This truly fascinating work deals with fundamental theoretical issues regarding the architecture of the grammar, the nature of the Move operation, and the mapping of syntactic...

  • Look at Him book cover

    Anna Starobinets, translated by Katherine E. Young

    Look at Him

    Journalist, scriptwriter, and novelist Anna Starobinets-often called "Russia's Stephen King"-is best known for her work in horror and her writing for children. In this groundbreaking memoir, Starobinets chronicles the devastating loss of her unborn son...

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