RGWR V4. B1: Re-imagining the Northeast Asian Theater, 1914-22

Wolff, David et. al. (eds.)

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This volume features new research on the critical effects of World War I and the Russian Revolution and Civil War in Northeast Asia, a broad region that has historically included the Russian Far East, Mongolia, China, Korea, and Japan. Drawing together noted international specialists, the chapters break new
ground, bringing unused or understudied sources into the historical record and posing new questions about the causes, consequences, and dynamics of the war and revolutionary upheavals in the region. More than anything, the volume makes clear that our familiar habit of approaching Russia's Great War and Revolution from
a predominantly European angle needs to be reconsidered. These titanic events convulsed the entire empire, including Russia's faraway world on the Pacific, reshaping Northeast Asia towards its central involvement in the twentieth century’s bloodiest wars. The Northeast Asian theater was not peripheral to the developments of the era but rather an integral part of an unavoidably international and transnational history of conflict, destruction, and transformation. The essays in Russia’s Great War and Revolution in the Far East help us appreciate a number of the lesser-
known complexities of this story, offering scholars valuable new perspectives in the process.
Russia’s Great War and Revolution in the Far East: Re-imagining the Northeast Asian Theater, 1914–22 is part of the broader centennial series on “Russia’s Great War and Revolution, 1914–22.”


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