So Far, So Good: The Mašín Family and the Greatest Story of the Cold War

Jan Novák; edited by Craig Cravens

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This is the true story of three young Czech men whose daring exploits of anti-Communist resistance and 1953 flight to West Berlin set off the largest manhunt in the history of the Eastern Bloc. To this day, whether the Mašín brothers were heroes or murderers is a point of contention that continues to divide the country.

First written in English by Czech author Jan Novák­, the story of the Mašín brothers was eventually translated into Czech.  Newly discovered details from the archives of the Czech State Security and the East German Stazi—along with seeing the translation in his own native language—inspired Novák­ to make new connections and deepen the story, while still keeping the distinct style of the original English-language manuscript. Thus translated and reworked into Czech, Zatím dobrý went on to win Magnesia Litera's coveted “Czech Book of the Year" in 2005. Now complete with the revisions and new details from the award-winning Czech-language translation, this heart-pounding Cold War thriller is available in English for the first time.


A writer, screenwriter, and playright, Jan Novák left Communist Czechoslovakia for Chicago as a teenager in 1969. Novák writes in both Czech and English and has received numerous awards for his works in both America and the Czech Republic.