Allan K. Wildman Group Historical Series

The Allan K. Wildman Group for the Study of Russian Politics, Society, and Culture in the Revolutionary Era has established its Historical Series to promote research in to the history of the workers, peasants, and Intelligentsia in Late Imperial and Soviet Russia.

Series General Editors

Michael Melancon  Professor Emeritus
Auburn University, USA

Alice K. Pate   Professor of History
Kennesaw State University, USA



Everyday Life and the "Reconstruction" of Soviet Russia During and After the Great Patriotic War, 1943–1948 reminds us of how little we know about the end of the war and the immediate post-war era in the Soviet Union. Jones uses the case of Rostov-on-Don, totally devastated by the vast battles that raged around it, to reveal how people and party...


An exploration of the extent to which worker religious identity was trans–formed by the experience of urban factory life, Working Souls also examines how the spiritual needs and demands of working-class laity precipitated changes in the practice of Orthodoxy, enabling the faith to “survive” in the urban factory environment—not just as a remnant of rural consciousness and practice, but as...


New Labor History marks a first return to labor and workers' history in the Russian field after a decade when most historians turned to other issues. In this collection, established scholars join with younger researchers to bring new materials, innovative methods, and fresh interpretations to bear on the study of the workers' role in late tsarist and revolutionary history (1840-1918)....