Volume 5: Military Affairs in Russia's Great War and Revolution, 1914-22: Book 3. The Russian Civil War: Military and Society

David R. Stone, Jonathan D. Smele, Geoffrey Swain, Alex Marshall, Steven Marks, Andrei V. Ganin (eds.)
xiv + 320 pp

This book--one of two covering the Russian Civil War in a volume on military affairs during Russia’s Great War and Revolution--explores institutions, social groups, and social conflict amid the chaos of the war that followed the Russian Revolution. Drawing on an international cohort of authors and wide range of newly available sources, the book provides insights into the experience of civil war for those living in the ruins of the Russian Empire. In addition to studies of intelligence and the officer corps of the Red and White armies, it also traces the complicated history of Russia’s Cossacks through the war. Explorations of the role of ideology and propaganda along with the problem of desertion from the fighting armies give insight into the motivations of the war’s soldiers. A series of chapters on peasant insurgency and the anarchic conflicts in Ukraine provide a clearer understanding of often-neglected aspects of the Civil War.


Andrei V. Ganin, The Russian Officer Corps in the Civil War: The Reds and the National Armies

Ruslan G. Gagkuev, Russian Officers of the White Movement  

Andrei V. Ganin, Russian Cossacks in the Civil War  

Stephen Brown, Ideology, Agitation, and Propaganda: The Red and White Armies during the Civil War  

Evgenii O. Naumov, The Struggle Against Desertion on the Red Army’s Eastern Front, 1918  

Andrei V. Ganin, Intelligence and Counterintelligence during the Russian Civil War, 1917–22  

Erik C. Landis, Situating Peasant War, 1918–21  

Alexander V. Prusin, Otamanshchyna: Insurgency Warfare in Ukraine, 1918–22  

Christopher Gilley, Warlordism in Ukraine: The Otamany during the Russian Civil War  

Mykhailo A. Koval´chuk, Ukrainian National Armies in the Russian Civil War, 1917–20  

Andrei V. Ganin, Conclusion: Red Victory  

Geoffrey Swain, Afterword  

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