Volume 5: Military Affairs in Russia's Great War and Revolution, 1914-22: Book 2. The Russian Civil War: Campaigns and Operations

David R. Stone, Jonathan D. Smele, Geoffrey Swain, Alex Marshall, Steven Marks, Andrei V. Ganin (eds.)
xiv + 302 pp

This book--one of two covering the Russian Civil War in a volume on military affairs during Russia’s Great War and Revolution--explores the military history of the Russian Civil War. Drawing heavily on research from Russian historians but including an international slate of authors, it traces the fighting on the Civil War’s eastern, southern, northern, and northwestern fronts, examining both the Bolshevik Reds and their White opponents. In addition, thematic chapters explore the role of aviation and naval forces in the Russian Civil War. Employing a host of new Russian archival sources, the authors bring fresh insights on the war’s campaigns and operations to an English-speaking audience. They show how the Reds and the Whites alike struggled to assemble forces and fight effectively across Russia’s immense spaces amid the economic and political chaos that followed the Russian Revolution. The deep analysis of the epic armed struggles that determined the fate of the revolution expands our picture of this continent-spanning conflict.


David R. Stone, Introduction  

Ruslan G. Gagkuev, The White Campaign on the Southern Front, 1918

Leontii V. Lannik, Germany and the White Movement in the South, 1918  

Vladislav I. Goldin, The Northern Front  

Andrei V. Ganin, The Advance and Defeat of Kolchak  

Ruslan G. Gagkuev, The White Campaign on the Southern Front, 1919  

Vasilii Zh. Tsvetkov, The White Northwestern Front, 1918–19  

Geoffrey Hosking, Last Battles: Vladivostok and the Far Eastern Republic, 1920–22  

Anthony Kröner, Vrangel´’s Last Stand  

Nikita A. Kuznetsov, Naval Forces in the Russian Civil War  

Marat A. Khairulin, Aviation in the Russian Civil War: Three Case Studies  


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