Indiana Slavic Studies

Indiana Slavic Studies is the occasional publication of the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures of Indiana University. Copyright is vested in Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana Slavic Studies 1 appeared in 1956, under the editorship of Michale Ginsburg and Joseph Thomas Shaw; it was subtitles "Slavic and East European Series, Volume 2." Subsequent volumes appeared in 1958 (vol. 2 of ISS; Slavic and East European Series, vol. 13), 1963 (vol. 3; Russian and East European Series, vol. 28), and 1967 (vol. 4; Russian and East European Series, vol. 36) All of these volumes were distributed by the Indiana University Press.

Indiana Slavic Studies was revived in 1990 with the publication of volume 5 (Indiana University Russian and East European Series, vol. 43). The editor of this issue was Henry R. Cooper, Jr.; associate editors were Samuel Fiszman and Felix J. Oinas. From 1990 through today ISS has been planned to appear on a biennial basis, now through Slavica. Previous volumes not listed here are available upon request and a limited number of copies remain for sale.

(ISSN) 0073-6929

It may be stated without fear of contradiction that Professor Charles E. Townsend of Princeton University has been the most influential writer on Russian and Slavic grammar in the United States. Every graduate student devours his Russian Word-Formation, and returns to it over and over through his or her academic career. Many Slavists have studied Czech or Common Slavic from...

(ISSN) 0073-6929
386 (Vol. 12)

Professor Emeritus Howard I. Aronson of the University of Chicago has been celebrated for his linguistic scholarship on Balkan and South Slavic linguistics, as well as his groundbreaking work on Georgian grammar and language instruction (including his two textbooks with Slavica). This Festschrift honors his Balkan and South Slavic persona with a collection featuring a virtual Who's Who of North...

Stephen Blackwell, Michael Finke, Nina Perlina and Yekaterina Vernikov

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This volume honors the contributions of Vadim Liapunov to the Russian/Slavic field. Best known for his translations and scholarship on Bakhtin, he has also trained several generations of productive scholars. This collection spans the breadth of Vadim Liapunov's intellectual interests, with thematic sections entitled Translation; Philosophical Aesthetics, Cultural and Linguistic Studies; The Age of Pushkin, On Realism, Beyond the Silver...