Indiana Slavic Studies

Indiana Slavic Studies is the occasional publication of the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures of Indiana University. Copyright is vested in Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana Slavic Studies 1 appeared in 1956, under the editorship of Michale Ginsburg and Joseph Thomas Shaw; it was subtitles "Slavic and East European Series, Volume 2." Subsequent volumes appeared in 1958 (vol. 2 of ISS; Slavic and East European Series, vol. 13), 1963 (vol. 3; Russian and East European Series, vol. 28), and 1967 (vol. 4; Russian and East European Series, vol. 36) All of these volumes were distributed by the Indiana University Press.

Indiana Slavic Studies was revived in 1990 with the publication of volume 5 (Indiana University Russian and East European Series, vol. 43). The editor of this issue was Henry R. Cooper, Jr.; associate editors were Samuel Fiszman and Felix J. Oinas. From 1990 through today ISS has been planned to appear on a biennial basis, now through Slavica. Previous volumes not listed here are available upon request and a limited number of copies remain for sale.


Colleagues and former studens of Nina Perlina, Professor Emerita of Slavic Languages and Literature at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, have assembled a volume of essays reflecting her research and teaching foci: the Petersburg theme in Russian literature., from Pushikin, Gogol, and especially Dostoevsky, through Nabokov, and into the Siege of World War II; and studies in the thought of Mikail...

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This volume exploits the analytical category of "space" to unify the various disciplinary approaches and thematic concentrations applied here to the dynamics of historical memory within and between the Germans and Poles. This category has proven tremendously useful in memory studies, yet it has thus far been considered almost exclusively in its intuitive, geographical and physical dimensions. The editors reject...


Books, Bibliographies, and Pugs offers a selection of new research in Library and Information Science, with special emphasis on the Russian and East European area, but also extending as far as Turkey and the Pacific Rim. The volume is presented with warm affection by its contributors to honor Murlin Croucher upon the occasion of his retirement. Murlin Croucher began his...


The seven related articles in this volume of Indiana Slavic Studies doubly counter the dominant focus in Polish Studies scholarship on "Literature penned by Great Men." This anthology turns the spotlight elsewhere—on the careers, works, and reception of Polish women in the visual and performing arts. The subject of our collection, in both senses, in the Polish woman who has...

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From the Series Editor     i

Frontispiece    ii

Bill Johnston

Preface     1

Kathleen Cioffi

Introduction     3

Timothy Wiles

Mrożek's Plays and the Everyday Absurd in Cold War Poland: The Satirical Short Plays and Tango     15

Halina Stephen

Discovering America in Contemporary Polish Drama     41

Beth Holmgren

The Polish Actress Unbound: Tales of Modrzejewska/Modjeska     57

Elwira Grossman

From (Re)creating Mythology to (Re)claiming Female Voices: Amelia Hertz and Anna...