Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 19 (2004)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Joseph Harris
Myth and Literary History: Two Germanic Examples
Lori Ann Garner
Anglo-saxon Charms in Performance
Edward R. Haymes
The Germanic Heldenlied and the Poetic Edda: Speculations on Preliterary History
Isidore Okpewho
Performace and Plot in The Ozidi Saga
Holly E. Hearon
The Implications of "Orality" for Studies of the Biblical Text
Kristina Kuutma
Creating a Seto Epic

Number 2

H. Wakefield Foster
Jazz Musicians and South Slavic Oral Epic Bards
Robert Cochran
Oblique Performance: Snapshots of Oral Tradition in Action
LiIlis Ó Laoire
The Right Words: Conflict and Resolution in an Oral Gaelic Song Text
Marie Nelson
From The Book of Margery Kempe: The Trials and Triumphs of a Homeward Journey
Margalit Finkelberg
Oral Theory and the Limits of Formulaic Diction
Sabir Badalkhan
"Lord of the Iron Bow": The Return Pattern Motif in the Fifteenth-century Balock Epic Hero Šey Murīd


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 18 (2003)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

People's Poetry
Steve Zeitlin
The PeopleÕs Poetry

The Poem Performed

Elizabeth Oyler
The Heike in Japan
Shelley Fenno Quinn
Japanese Noh and Heike katari
Sybil A. Thornton
Japanese Oral Tradition
Alison Tokita
Performed Narratives and Music in Japan
Yamashita Hiroaki
The Japanese Tale of the Heike

Richard Horsley
Oral Tradition in New Testament Studies
Martin S. Jaffee
Oral Tradition and Rabbinic Studies
Werner H. Kelber
Oral Tradition in Bible and New Testament Studies
Susan Niditch
Oral Tradition and Biblical Scholarship

Elizabeth C. Fine
Performance Praxis and Oral Tradition
Thomas A. McKean
Tradition as Communication

Ancient Greek
Egbert J. Bakker
Homer as an Oral Tradition
Michael Barnes
Oral Tradition and Hellenistic Epic: New Directions in Apollonius of Rhodes
David Bouvier
The Homeric Question: An Issue for the Ancients?
Casey DuŽ
Ancient Greek Oral Genres
Mark W. Edwards
Homer and the Oral Tradition
Margalit Finkelberg
Neoanalysis and Oral Tradition in Homeric Studies
Richard P. Martin
The Grain of Greek Voices
Gregory Nagy
Oral Poetics and Homeric Poetry
Steve Reece
Homeric Studies
M. D. Usher
The Reception of Homer as Oral Poetry

Ruth Finnegan
"Oral Tradition": Weasel Words or Transdisciplinary Door to Multiplexity?
H. C. Groenewald
Zulu Oral Art
Thomas Hale
Oral Tradition in the Context of Verbal Art
Beverly Stoeltje
The Global and the Local with a Focus on Africa

Tibetan and Chinese
Anne Klein
Orality in Tibet
Peace B. Lee
The Metamorphosing Field of Chaoxianzu Oral Literature
Yang Enhong
Tibetan Oral Epic

Lina Bugiene
Oral Tradition in Lithuania
Jonas Zdanys
Translating Lithuanian Poetry

Pertti Anttonen
The Perspective from Folklore Studies
Daniel Avorgbedor
Stumbling with/over Scripts: Vignettes
Joel M. Halpern
Some Reflections on the "Poetry Slam of Radivoje Ili¦": Thoughts on the Interplay of the Oral and Visual
Lee Haring
Continual Morphing
Bonnie D. Irwin
Frame Tales and Oral Tradition
Catharine Mason
Oral Poetry in the Foreign Language Classroom
Amy Shuman
Oral History
Saad A. Sowayan
A Plea for an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Arab Oral Tradition
Timothy R. Tangherlini
"Oral Tradition" in a Technologically Advanced World
†lo Valk
Oral Tradition and Folkloristics
Linda White
Basque Bertsolaritza

Number 2

Samuel G. Armistead
Pan-Hispanic Oral Tradition
Isabel Cardigos
Marcia Farr
Oral Traditions in Greater Mexico
J. J. Dias Marques
Portuguese Narrative Poetry
Carlos Nogueira
Oral Tradition: A Definition
J. M. Pedrosa
Oral Tradition as a Worldwide Phenomenon
Suzanne H. Petersen
Towards Greater Collaboration in Oral Tradition Studies
John Zemke
Medieval Spanish and Judeo-Spanish

Mary Ellen Brown
The Popular Ballad and Oral Tradition
William Bernard McCarthy
The Implicated Ballad
Tom Pettitt
Ballads and Bad Quartos: Oral Tradition and the English Literary Historian

Mary-Anne Constantine
Thoughts on Oral Tradition
Sioned Davies
From Storytelling to Sermons: The Oral Narrative Tradition of Wales
Dafydd Johnston
Oral Tradition in Medieval Welsh Poetry: 1100-1600
Joseph Falaky Nagy
Fighting Words

Michael Chesnutt
Orality in a Norse-Icelandic Perspective
Lauri Harvilahti
Folklore and Oral Tradition
Stephen Mitchell
Reconstructing Old Norse Oral Tradition
G’sli Sigur¶sson
Medieval Icelandic Studies

Mark C. Amodio
Medieval English Oral Tradition
Robert Payson Creed
How the Beowulf Poet Composed His Poem
Lori Ann Garner
Medieval Voices
Heather Maring
Oral Traditional Approaches to Old English Verse
John D. Niles
Prizes from the Borderlands
Andy Orchard
Looking for an Echo: The Oral Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Literature

Sabir Badalkhan
Balochi Oral Tradition
Mark Bender
Oral Narrative Studies in China
Naran Bilik
Minority Oral Tradition in China
Chan Park
Korean pÕansori Narrative
Olga Merck Davidson
Classical Persian
Karl Reichl
Turkic Oral Epic
Maria V. Stanyukovich
A Living Shamanistic Oral Tradition: Ifugao hudhud, the Philippines

Robert Cochran
Performing Off Stage: Oral Tradition Under the Radar
Thomas A. DuBois
Oral Tradition
Edward R. Haymes
Oral Theory and Medieval German Poetry
Joshua T. Katz
Oral Tradition in Linguistics
Della Pollock
Oral Traditions in Performance
Burton Raffel
Poetics and Translation Studies
William Schneider
The Search for Wisdom in Native American Narratives and Classical Scholarship


Edited by John M. Foley

No Content Available


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 16 (2001)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Orality and Basque Nationalism: Dancing with the Devil or Waltzing into the Future
Linda White
I Control the Idioms: Creativity in Ndebele Praise Poetry
H.C. Groenewald
Americanist Anthropolgoy and the Oral Homer
John F. Garcia, Milman Parry and A.L. Kroeber
Personal Favor and Public Influence: Arete, Arsinoe II, and the Argonautica
Anatole Mori
The Limits of Textuality: Mobility and Fire Production in Homer and Beowulf
Guillemette Collins
Homer and Rhapsodic Competition in Performance
Derek Collins
Performance and Norse Poetry: The Hydromel of Praise and The Effluvia of Scorn: The Albert Lord and Milman parry Lecture for 2001
Stephen A. Mitchell

Number 2
Special Issue: "Chinese Oral Traditions."
Guest Editor: Chao Gejin

A Preliminary Analysis of the Oral Shamanistic Songs of the Manchus
Song Heping
The Bard Jusup Mamay
Ling Yang
Nakhi Tiger Myth in its Context
Bai Gengsheng
A Brief Account of Bensen Ulger and Ulgeren Bense
Bab Spring: Tibetan Epic Singers
Zhambei Gyaltsho
On the Study of the Narrative Structure of Tibetain Epic: A Record of King Gesar
Yang Enhong
The Mythology of Tibetan Mountain Gods: An Overview
Xie Jisheng
The Rhinoceros Totem and Pangu Myth: An Formation and Development
Wu Xiaodong
The Oirat Epic Cycle Jangar
Chao Gejin
Dong Oral Poetry: Kuant Cix
Deng Minwen
Traditional Nuosu Origin Narratives: A Case Study of Ritualized Epos in Bimo Incantation Scriptures
Bamo Qubumo


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 15 (2000)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Chiji Akoma
The "Trick" of Narratives: History, Memory, and Performance in Toni Morrison's Paradise
Antonio Scuderi
Dario Fo and Oral Tradition: Creating a Thematic Context
Andrew Wiget
Cycle Construction and Character Development in Central Algonkian Trickster Tales
Matthew Simpson
"O man do not scribble on the book": Print and Counter-print in a Scottish Englightenment University
Barry B. Powell
Text, Orality, Literacy, Tradition, Dictation, Education, and Other Paradigms of Exlication in Greek Literacy Studies

Northern European Traditions

Thomas A. DuBois
The Narrator's Voice in Kalevala and Kalevipoeg
Ülo Valk
Ex Ovo Omnia: Where Does the Balto-Finnic Cosmogony Originate?
Joseph Harris
Beowulf as Epic
John Lindow
Thor's Visit to Útgarðaloki

Number 2

Mark C. Amodio
Tradition, Performance, and Poetics in the Early Middle English Period
Lauri Harvilahti
Altai Oral Epic
Stephan Meyer
Collaborative Auto/biography: Notes on an Interview with Margaret McCord on The Calling of Katie Makanya: A Memoir of South Africa
Anna-Leena Siikala
Body, Performance, and Agency in Kalevala Rune-Singing
Koenraad Kuiper
On the Linguistic Properties of Formulaic Speech
Sybil Thornton
Kōnodai senki: Traditional Narrative and Warrior Ideology in Sixteenth-Century Japan


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 14 (1999)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Martin S. Jaffee
Oral Tradition in the Writings of Rabbinic Oral Torah: On Theorizing Rabbinic Orality
Steven D. Fraade
Literary Composition and Oral Performance in Early Midrashim
Yaakov Elman
Orality and the Redaction of the Babylonian Talmud
Elizabeth Shanks Alexander
The Fixings of the Oral Mishnah and the Displacement of Meaning
Dan Ben-Amos
Jewish Folk Literature


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 13 (1998)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Thematic issue on "Native American Oral Traditions: Collaboration and Interpretation," Larry Evers and Barre Toelken, special editors

Larry Evers and Barre Toelken
Introduction: Collaboration in the Translation and Interpretation of Native American Oral Traditions
Felipe S. Molina and Larry Evers
"Like this it stays in your hands": Collaboration and Ethnopoetics
Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard L. Dauenhauer
Tracking "Yuwaan Gageets": A Russian Fairy Tale in Tlingit Oral Tradition
Marya Moses and Toby C. S. Langen
Reading Martha Lamont's Crow Story Today
Ofelia Zepeda and Jane Hill
Collaborative Sociolinguistic Research among the Tohono O'odham
Darryl Babe Wilson and Susan Brandenstein Park
"Wu-ches-erik (Loon Woman) and Ori-aswe (Wildcat)"
George B. Wasson and Barre Toelken
Coyote and the Strawberries: Cultural Drama and Intercultural Collaboration
Elsie P. Mather and Phyllis Morrow
"There Are No More Words to the Story"

Number 2

Reflections on Myth and History: Tuareg Concepts of Truth, "Lies," and "Children's Tales"
Susan J. Rasmussen
"Signs on a white field": A Look at Orality in Literacy and James Joyce's Ulysses
Sabine Habermalz
E-Texts: The Orality and Literacy Issue Revisited
Bruce Lionel Mason
Suzhou Tanci Storytelling in China: Contexts of Performance
Mark Bender
Translation and Orality in the Old English Orosius
Deborah VanderBilt
Oral English in South African Theater of the 1980's
Yvonne Banning
A Comparative Study of the Singing Styles of Mongolian and Tibetan Geser/Gesar Artists
Yang Enhong
Cultural Assimilation in Njál's saga
Craig R. Davis
The Creation of the Ancient Greek Epic Cycle
Ingrid Holmberg


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 12 (1997)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

A thematic issue on "South Asian Oral Traditions," Gloria Goodwin Raheja, special editor

Gloria Goodwin Raheja
Introduction: The Paradoxes of Power and Community: WomenÕs Oral Traditions and the Uses of Ethnography
Kirin Narayan
Singing from Separation: WomenÕs Voices in and about Kangra Folksongs
Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
"There are Only Two Castes: Men and Women": Negotiating Gender as a Female Healer in South Asian Islam
Ann Grodzins Gold
Outspoken Women: Representations of Female Voices in a Rajasthani Folklore Community
Kathryn S. March
Two Houses and the Pain of Separation in Tamang Narratives from Highland Nepal
Gloria Goodwin Raheja
Negotiated Solidarities: Gendered Representations of Disruption and Desire in North Indian Oral Traditions and Popular Culture
A. K. Ramanujan
"A Flowering Tree": A Woman's Tale

Number 2

Thomas A. Hale
From the Griot of Roots to the Roots of Griot: A New Look at the Origins of a Controversial African Term for Bard
Vaira V´úis-Freibergs
Sink or Swim: On Associative Structuring in Longer Latvian Folksongs
Leslie Stratyner
The "Battle with the Monster: Transformation of a Traditional Pattern in "The Dream of the Road"
Chao Gejin
Mongolian Oral Epic Poetry: An Overview
Walter Feldman
Two Performances of the "Return of Alpamis,": Current Performance-Practice in the Uzbek Oral Epic of the Sherabad School
Catherine S. Quick
Annotated Bibliography 1986Ð1990


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 11 (1996)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1
A thematic issue on "Epics Along the Silk Roads"
Lauri Honko, Special Editor

Introduction: Epics along the Silk Roads: Mental Text, Performance, and Written Codification
Lauri Honko
Epic and Identity: National, Regional, Communal, Individual
Lauri Honko
Epos and National Identiy: Transformations and Incarnations
Lauri Harvhilahti
Transformations of Epic Time and Space: Creating the World's Creation in Kalevala-metric Poetry
Lotte Tarkka
The Present State of the Mongolian Epic and Some Topics for Future Research
Walther Heissig
G.J. Ramsteadt as a Recorder of Khalkha Epics
Harry HalXn
Kudaman: An Oral Epic in Palawan Highlands
Nicole Revel
The Mechanisms of Epic Plot and the Mongolian Geseriad
S. Ju. Nekljudov
From Classical to Postclassical: Changing Ideologies and Changing Epics in India
Petteri Koskikallio
Caucasian Epics: Textualist Principles in Publishing
Alla Alieva
Epics in the Oral Genre System of Tulunadu
B.A. Bibeka Rai

Number 2

Mary Ellen Brown
The Mechanism of the Ancient Ballad: William MotherwellÕs Explanation
Burton Raffel
Who Heard the Rhymes, and How: ShakespeareÕs Dramaturgical Signals
Robert Henke
Orality and Literacy in Commedia dellÕArte and the Shakespearean Clown
Erik Pihel
A Furified Freestyle: Homer and Hip Hop
Thomas A. Dubois
The Kalevala Received: From Printed Text to Oral Performance
J. Scott Miller
Early Voice Recordings of Japanese Storytelling
Leslie K Arnovick
"In Forme of Speche" is Anxiety: Orality in ChaucerÕs House of Fame
Bruce Louden
A Narrative Technique in Beowulf and Homeric Epic
R. Scott Garner
Ei Pote: A Note on Homeric Phraseology
Merritt Sale
In Defense of Milman Parry: Renewing the Oral Theory


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 10 (1995)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1 (232 pages)

Hermeneutic Forever: Voice, Text, Digitization, and the 'I'
Walter J. Ong
What's in a Frame? The Medieval Textualization of Traditional Storytelling
Bonnie D. Irwin
Affective Criticism, Oral Poetics, and Beowulf's Fight with the Dragon
Mark C. Amodio
Mandela Comes Home: The Poet's Perspective
Russel H. Kaschula
Perspectives on Orality in African Cinema
Keyan Tomaselli and Maureen Eke
Matigari: An African Novel as Oral Narrative Performance
F. Odun Balogun
Narrating Saga Feud: Thattr and the Fundamental Oral Progression
Jesse L. Byock
A Poet on the Achaean Wall
Timothy W. Boyd
The Three Circuits of the Suitors: A Ring Composition in Odyssey 17-22
Steve Reece

Number 2

Editor's Column
Immanence and Immanent Truth
John H. McDowell
Generic and Racial Appropriation in Victoria Howard's "The Honorable Milt"
Jarold Ramsey
Narrative Tradition in Early Greek Oral Poetry and Vase Painting
E.A. Mackay
Chaucer New Painted (1623): Three Hundred Proverbs in Performance Context
Betsy Bowden
Word, Breath, and Vomit: Oral Competition in Old English and Old Norse Literature
Robin Waugh
Oral Register in the Biblical Libretto: Towards a Biblical Poetic
Susan Niditch
Language, Memory, and Sense Perception in the Religious and Technological Culture of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Werner H. Kelber
Review Essay: The Fornaldarsogur: Stephen Mitchell's Contribution
Jesse L. Byock
About the Authors
Index to Volume 10


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 9 (1994)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Cluster on African Oral Traditions
Introduction: The Search for Grounds in African Oral Tradition
Lee Haring
Field of Life, Sowing of Speech, Harvest of Acts
Sory Camara
Social Speech and Speech of the Imagination: Female Identity and Ambivalence in Bambura-MalinkX Oral Literature
Veronika Grg-Karady
Freedom to Sing, License to Insult: The Influence of Hal Performance on Social Violence Among the ANlo Ewe
Daniel K. Avorgbedor
Pattern, Interaction, and the Non-Dialogic in Performance by Hausa Rap Artists
Sa'ido Babura Ahmed and Graham Furniss
Oral Literary Criticism and the Performance of the Igbo Epic
Chukwuma Azuonye
On the Sense and Nonsense of Performance Studies Concerning Oral Literature of the Bulsa in Northern Ghana
Rudiger Schott
Silent Voices: The Role of Somali Women's Poetry in Social and Political Life
Zainab Mohamed Jama
Women's Discourse on Social Change in Nzema (Ghanaian) Maiden Songs
K.E. Agovi
Through Ambiguous Tales: Women's Voices in Chokwe Storytelling
Rachel I. Fretz
About the Authors

Number 2

Informing Performance: Producing the Coloquio in Tierra Blanca
Richard Bauman and Pamela Ritch
Oral Genres and the Art of Reading in Tibet
Anne Carolyn Klein
Forrest Spirits: Oral Echoes in Leon Forrest's Prose
Bruce A. Rosenberg
Cluster on Editing Oral Traditions: Ethnopoetics, Oral-Formulaic Theory, and Editing Texts
Dell Hymes
Homer's Style: Non-Formulaic Geatures of an Oral Aesthetic
Joseph Russo
Performing a Thousand and One Nights in Egypt
Susan Slyomivics
The Ethnography of Scribal Writing and Anglo-Saxon Poetry: Scribe as Performer
A.N. Doane
Editing Beowulf: What Can Study of the Ballads Tell Us?
John D. Niles
Symposium (Teresa Catarella)
Meetings and Professional Notes
About the Authors
Index to Volume 9


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 8 (1993)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Cluster on Ancient Greek Oral Traditions
Activation and Preservation: The Interdependence of Text and Performance in an Oral Tradition
Egbert J. Bakker
Nestor Among the Sirens
Keith M. Dickson
Theocritus and Oral Tradition
James B. Pearce
Homer and Roland: The Shared Formular Technique, Part 1
WIlliam Merritt Sale

Other Articles
The Interrelationship Between the Oral and the Written in the Works of Alexander Campbell
Raymond F. Person
Strategies for the Presentation of Oral Traditions in Print
Eric L. Montenyohl
Alterities: On Methodology in Medieval Literary Studies (The Albert Lord and Milman Parry Lecture for 1991-1992).
Ursula Schaefer

Number 2

Rap Music: An Interview with DJ Romeo
Debra Wehmeyer-Shaw
From Maria to Marjatta: The Transformation of an Oral Poem in Elias Lnnrot's Kalevala
Thomas DuBois
La fraticida por amor: A Sixteenth-Century Spanish Ballad in the Modern Oral Tradition
Madeline Sutherland
Isochrony in Old English Poetry: Two Performances of Cadmon's Hymn
Miriam Maswari Caspi
"O Bride Light of My Eyes": Bridal Songs of Arab Women in the Galilee
Mishael Maswari Caspi and Julia Ann Blessing
Homer and Roland: The Shared Formular Technique, Part II
William Merritt Sale
Symposium: Deafness and Orality: An Electronic Conversation
Index to Volume 8


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 7 (1992)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

A Gaelic Songmaker's Response to an English-Speaking Nation
Thomas McKean
Oral Poetry and the World of Beowulf
Paul Sorrell
Innervision and Innertext: Oral and Interpretive Modes of Storytelling Performance
Joseph D. Sobol
The Production of Finnish Epic Poetry--Fixed WHoles or Creative Compositions?
Lauri Harvilhati
Song, Text, and Cassette: WHy We Need Authoritative Audio Editions of Medieval Literary Works
Ward Parks
Latin Charms of Medieval England: Verbal Healing in a Christian Oral Tradition
Lea Olsan
The Combat of Lug and Balor: Discourses of Power in Irish Myth and Folktale
Joan N. Radner
The Narrative Presentation of Orality in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (The Parry Lecture, 1990-1991)
Willi Erzgraber
Book Reviews

Number 2

Narrative Provers in the African Novel
Emmanuel Obiechina
Storytelling in Medieval Wales
Sioned Davies
Beowulf: The Monsters and the Tradition
Marilynn Desmond
Homer and Oral Tradition
Mark W. Edwards
The Type Scene
Slavic Oral Traditions
On the Composition of Women's Songs
Mary P. Coote
Repetition as Invention in the Songs of Vuk Karadzhic
Svetozar Koljevic
"Sound Shaping of East Slavic Zagovory
Alla Astakhova
Symposium (Japanese Oral Traditions, Hiroyuki Araki)
Index to Volume 7


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 6 (1991)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Folk Traditions in Serbo-Croatian Literary Culture
Svetozar Koljevic
The Evolution of an Oral Tradition: Race-Calling in Canterbury, New Zealand
Koenraad Kuiper
Serial Defamation in Two Medieval Tales: The Icelandic Olkofra Tattr and The Irish Scela Mucce Meic Datho
William Sayers
There's Nothing Natural About Natural Conversation: A Look at Dialogue in Fiction and Drama
Ryan Bishop
Compound Diction and Traditional Style in Beowulf and Genesis A
Jeffrey Alan Mazo
Phemius' Last Stand: The Impact of Occasion on Tradition in the Odyssey
Carol Dougherty
Tradition, But What Tradition and For Whom? (The Milman Parry Lecture on Oral Tradition for 1989-1990)
Ruth Finnegan
Symposium: Rules for Art in Oral Tradition Proceedings from the 1988 Modern Language Association section
Toward an Evolutionary Ontology of Beauty
Frederick Turner
The Oral Aesthetic and the Bicameral Mind
Carl Lindahl
Literary Aesthetics in Oral Art
Robert L. Kellogg

Numbers 2-3

John S. Miletich
Yugoslav Oral Lyric, Primarily in Serbo-Croatian
Vladimir Bovan
Notes on the Poetics of Serbo-Croatian Folk Lyric
Hatidzha Krnjevic
Macedonian Folk Poetry, Principally Lyric
Tome Sazdov
Bulgarshcice: A Unique Type of Archaic Oral Poetry
Josip Kekez
Balladic Forms of the Bugarshcice and Epic Songs
Maja Boshkovic-Stulli
The Folk Ballad in Slovenia
Zmaga Kumer
The Legend of Kosovo
Jelka Redep
Concluding Formulas of Audience Address in the Serbo-Croatian Oral Epic
Marija Kleut
The Montenegrin Oral Epic in a New Perspective
Novak Kilibarda
The Geographical Extent and Chronological Coordinates of South Slavic Moslem Oral Epic
Denana Buturovic
Enjambment as a Criterion for Orality in Homeric and South Slavic Oral Poetry
Zdeslav Dukat
Continuity and Chage in Folk Prose Narrative
Nada Miloshavic-Dordevic
Index to Volume 6


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 5 (1990)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Number 1

Worlds Apart: Orality, Literacy, and the Rajasthani Folk-Mahabharata
John D. Smith
King Solomon's Magic: The Power of a Written Text
Marie Nelson
A Typology of Mediation in Homer
Keith Dickson
Special Section: Early Scholarship on Oral Traditions
Preface to the Dialect of the Kara-Kirgiz
Wilhelm Radloff
Marcel Jousee: The ORal Style and The Anthropolgy of Gesture
Edgard Richard Sienaert
The Singers and Their Epic Songs
Matija Murko
Symposium, Book Reviews, About the Authors

Numbers 2-3
Special Double Issue on South Pacific Oral Traditions, with Ruth Finnegan and Margaret Orbell as Guest Editors.

Introduction: or, Why the Comparativist Should Take Account of the South Pacific
Ruth Finnegan
"My Summit Where I Sit": Form and Content in Meori Women's Love Songs
Margaret Orbell
Wry Comment from the Outback: Songs of Protest from Niva Islands, Tonga
Wendy Pond
Sex and Slander in Tikopia Song: Public Antagonism and Private Intrigue
Raymond Firth
Wept Thoughts: The Voicing of Kaluli Memories
Steven Feld
Profile of a Composer: Ihaia Puka, a Pulotu of the Tokelau Islands
Allan Thomas and Ineleo Tuia
Fiction, Fact, and Imagination: A Tokelau Narrative
Judith Huntsman
"That Isn't Really a Pig": Spirit Traditions in the Southern Cook Islands
Christian Clerk
"Head" and "Tail": The Shaping of Oral Traditions among the Beinandere in Papua New Guinea
John D. Waiko
Every Picture Tells a Story: Visual ALternatives to Oral Tradition in Ponam Society
James Carrier and Achsah Carrier
Winged Tangi'ia: A Mangaian Dramatic Performance
Marivee McMath and Teaea Parima
About the Authors, Index to Volume 5


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 4 (1989)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Numbers 1-2 (Arabic Oral Traditions)

Qur'an Recitation: A Tradition of Oral Performance and Transmission
Frederick M. Denny
Oral Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad: A Formulaic Approach
R. Marston Speight
Which Came First: The Zajal or the Muwashshaha? Some Evidence for the Oral Origins of Hispano-Arabic Strophic Poetry
James T. Monroe
From History to Fiction: The Tale Told by the King's Steward in the Thousand and One Nights
Muhsin Mahdi
Sirat Bani Hilal: Introduction and Notes to an Arab Oral Epic Tradition
Dwight F. Reynolds
Epic Splitting: An Arab Folk Gloss on the Meaning of the Hero Pattern
Bridget Connelly and Menry Massie
Arabic Folk Epic and the Western Chanson de Geste
H.T. Norris
"Tonight My Gun is Loaded": Poetic Dueling in Arabia
Saad Abdullah Sowayan
Sung Poetry in the Oral Tradition of the Gulf Region and the Arabian Peninsula
Simon Jargy
The Development of the Lebanese Zajal: Genre, Meter, and Verbal Duel
Adnan Hayar
Palestinian Improvised-Sung Poetry: The Genres of Hida and Qarradi--Performance and Transmission
Dirghm H. Sbait
Bani Halba Classification of Poetic Genres
Teirab AshShareef
Oral Transmission in Arabic Music, Past and Present
George D. Sawa
Book Review

Number 3

Improvisation in Hungarian Ethnic Dancing: An Analog to Oral Verse Composition
Wayne Kraft
"Beowulf Was Not There": Compositional Aspects of Beowulf, Lines 1299b-1301
Michael D. Cherniss
Song, Ritual, and Commemoration in Early Greek Poetry and Tragedy
Charles Segal
Formulaic Diction in Kazakh Epic Poetry
Karl Reichl
Oral Verse-Making in Homer's Odyssey (The Milman Parry Lectures for 1989)
William C. Scott
Book Reviews


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 3 (1988)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Numbers 1-2

Homer and Oral Tradition: The Formula, Part II
Mark W. Edwards
Oral Tradition and Welsh Literature: A Description and Survey
Brynley F. Roberts
A Formulaic Analysis of Samples Taken from the Shhnma of Firdowsi
O.M. Davidson
The Buddhist Tradition of Prosimetric Oral Narrative in Chinese Literature
Victor H. Mair
Oral Text: A South Indiana Instance
Richard M. Swiderski
Oral-Formulaic Research in Old English Studies: II.
Alexandra Hennessey Olsen
Annotated Bibliography (38 pages)
Symposium, Reviews, Meetings, and Professional Notes

Number 3

Before Textuality: Orality and Interpretation
Walter J. Ong
Ninna-nanna-nonsense? Fears, Dreams, and Falling in the Italian Lullaby
Luisa Del Giudice
Text and Music in Romanian Oral Epic
Margaret Hiebert Beissinger
Incipient Literacy: From Involvement to Integration in Tojolabal Maya
Jill Brody
Lord of Singers
Jeff Opland
Oral Life and Literary Death in Medieval Irish Tradition
Joseph Falaky Nagy
Index for Volumes 2 and 3


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 2 (1987)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

A Festschrift for Walter J. Ong
A Biographical Portrait of Walter Jackson Ong

The Word in Oral Tradition
The Cosmic Myths of Homer and Hesiod
Eric A. Havelock
Characteristics of Orality
Albert B. Lord
The Complexity of Oral Tradition
Bruce A. Rosenberg
Man Muse, and Story: Psychohistorical Patterns in Oral Epic Poetry
John Miles Foley

The Written Oral Word

The Authority of the Word in St. John's Gospel: Charismatic Speech, Narrative Text, Logocentric Meta-physics
Werner H. Kelber
Early Christian Creeds and Controversies in the Light of the Orality-Literacy Hypothesis
Thomas J. Farrell
Orality and Textuality in Medieval Castilian Prose
Dennis P. Seniff

The Oral Word in Print

Peter Ramus, Walter Ong, and the Tradition of Humanistic Learning
Peter Sharratt
The Ramist Style of John Udall: Audience and Pictorial Logic in Puritan Sermon and Controversy
John G. Rechtien
"Voice" and "Address" in Literary Theory
WIlliam J. Kennedy
The Making of the Novel and the Evolution of Consciousness
Ruth El Saffar
Two Functions of Social Discourse: From Lope de Vega to Miguel de Cervantes
Elias L. Rivers
The Harmony of Time in Paradise Lost
Robert Kellogg
Orality and Literacy in Matter and Form: Ben Franklin's "Way to Wealth"
Thomas J. Steele

Orality and Literacy

A Remark on Silence and Listening
Paolo Valesio
Speech Is the Body of the Spirit: The Oral Hermeneutic in the Writings of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
Harold M. Stahmer
Rahner on Sprachregelung: Regulation of Language? Of Speech?
Rans Jozef van Beeck
Literacy, Commerce, and Catholicity: Two Contexts of Change and Invention
Randolph F. Lumpp
Coming of Age in the Global Village
James M. Curtis

The Word and the Ongoing Discourse

Orality-Literacy Studies and the Unity of the Human Race
Walter J. Ong, S.J.

Number 2

Hispanic Balladry (Introduction)
Edited by Ruth H. Webber
The Artisan Poetry of the Romancero
Diego Catalan
Survival of the Traditional Romancero: Field Work
Ana Valenciano
Migratory Shepherds and Ballad Diffusion
Antonio Sanchez Romeralo
In Defense of Romancero Geography
Suzanne H. Petersen
Hunting for Rare Romances in the Canary Islands
Maximiano Trapero
Collecting Portuguese Ballads
Manuel da Costa Fontes
The Living Ballad in Brazil: Two Performances
Judith Seeger
The Traditional Romancero in Mexico: Panaroma
Mercedes Daz Roig
The Judeo-Spanish Ballad Tradition
Samuel G. Armistead and Joseph H. Silverman
The Structure and Changing Functions of Ballad Traditions
The Judeo-Spanish Ballad Tradition


Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 1 (1986)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Number 1

The Manner of Boyan: Translating Oral Literature
Burton Raffel

Oral Studies and Biblical Studies
Robert Culley

Performed Being: Word Art as a Human Inheritance
Frederick Turner

The Oral Traditions of Modern Greece: A Survey
Roderick Beaton

The Alphabetic Mind: A Gift of Greece to the Modern World
Eric Havelock

Mettings and Professional Notes

Number 2

Homer and Oral Tradition: The Formula, Part I
Mark W. Edwards

Australian Aboiginal Oral Traditions
Margaret Clunies Ross

Orality in Medieval Irish Narrative: An Overview
Joseph Falaky Nagy

The Collection and Analysis of Oral Epic Tradition in South Slavic: An Instance
David E. Bynum

Hispanic Oral Literature: Accomplishments and Perspectives
Ruth House Webber

Exploring the Literate Blindspot: Alexander Pope's Homer in Light of Milman Party
Elizabeth A. Hoffman

The Oral Tradition and Middle High German Literature
Franz H. Bauml

Two Aboriginal Oral Texts

Number 3
Perspectives on Recent Work on the Oral Traditional Formula
Albert B. Lord

The Oral Background of Byzantine Popular Poetry
Elizabeth and Michael Jeffreys

Oral-Formulaic Research in Old English Studies: I
Alexandra Hennessey Olsen

A Romanian Singer of Tales: Vasile Tetin
Eliza Miruna Ghil

The Oral-Formulaic Thoery in Middle English Studies
Ward Parks

The Message of the American Folk Sermon
Bruce A. Rosenberg

Social Functions of the Medieval Epic in the Romance Literatures
Joseph J. Duggan

International Bibliography of Research and Scholarship on the Field of Oral Tradition

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 20 (2005)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Rosalind Thomas
Special Editor's Column
Peter Middleton
How to Read a Reading of a Written Poem
Richard Bauman and Patrick Feaster
"Fellow Townsmen and My Noble Constituents!": Representations of Oratory on Early Commercial Recordings
Felicia Hughes-Freeland
Visual Takes on Dance in Java
Edward L. Schieffelin
Moving Performance to Text: Can Performance Be Transcribed?
Isolde Standish
Mediators of Modernity: "Photo-interpreters" in Japanese Silent Cinema
Naoko Yamagata
Plato, Memory, and Performance
Lalita du Perron and Nicolas Magriel
Shellac, Bakelite, Vinyl, and Paper: Artifacts and Representations of North Indian Art Music
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Number 2

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