Georgian Language and Culture: A Continuing Course

Howard I. Aronson and Dodna Kiziria

This book is intended for students who have completed the equivalent of a first-year Georgian course. Designed to be used either in the classroom or for self-instruction, the book presupposes only a command of basic Georgian grammar and a basically passive recognition of basic Georgian vocabulary. The philosophy of the course is to expose the student to a rich and broad range of Georgian grammatical constructions and vocabulary in order to facilitate the conversion of passive constructions and words to active. The aim is not to enable the students to achieve full fluency in Georgian, but rather to give them sufficient background to enable them to live and work in Georgia using Georgian and by so doing to attain a high degree of fluency. Dialogues; Anthology of Georgian Literature; Introduction: The Course of Georgian Literature; Prose; Poetry; Grammar Sections; Translations; Vocabulary; Indexes.