REGION: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

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REGION: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia is a peer-reviewed international journal that explores the history and current political, economic, and social affairs of the entire former Soviet bloc. In particular, the journal focuses on various facets of transformation at the local and national levels in the aforementioned region, as well as the changing character of their relationships with the rest of the world in the context of glocalization. This journal distinguishes itself from others in similar fields by its (g)locally oriented perspective. This journal regularly gives space to articles on concrete local issues written by local Eurasianist scholars. REGION is published by Slavica on behalf of the Institute of Russian Studies at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.


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Lewis Siegelbaum
Hyun Taek Kim

Politics in Central Asia

Andrew Wachtel
A Tale of Two Heroes: Kyrgyzstan in Search of National Role Models     1

Zharmukhamed Zardykhan
Ethnic Kazakh Repatriation and Kazakh Nation-Building:
The Awaited Savior or the Prodigal Son?     17

Charles J. Sullivan
Halk, Watan, Berdymukhammedov! Political Transition and
 Regime Continuity in Turkmenistan     35


Kirill V. Istomin and Yuri P. Shabaev
Izhma Komi and Komi-Permiak: Linguistic Barriers to
 Geographic and Ethnic Identity     53

Robert W. Orttung and Andreas Wenger
Explaining Cooperation and Conflict in Marine Boundary Disputes Involving Energy Deposits     75

Book Reviews

Mark T. Kettler
Jesse Kauffman. Elusive Alliance: The German Occupation of 
Poland in World War I     97

Brigid O’Keeffe

Stephen Lovell. Russia in the Microphone Age: A History of Soviet Radio, 1919–1970     101

Notes on the Contributors      105

Style Sheet and Submissions Guidelines      109

Lewis Siegelbaum
Hyun Taek Kim
Joonseo Song

Special Issue: The Great War and Eastern Europe

Lewis H. Siegelbaum and Hyun Taek Kim
Introduction     149

John K. Cox
Weltschmerz in the Banat: The Great War, Globalization, and Miloš Crnjanski’s Novel Dnevnik o Čarnojeviću     151

Ignác Romsics
The Great War and the 1918–19 Revolutions as Experienced and Remembered by the Hungarian Peasantry     173

John E. Fahey
From Imperial to National, Przemyśl, Galicia’s Transformation through World War I     195

Joseph Imre
Burgenland and the Austria-Hungary Border Dispute in International Perspective, 1918–22     219 Beryl Nicholson On the Front Line in Someone Else’s War: Mallakastër, Albania, 1916–18     247

Choo Chin Low
Détente, Recognition, and Citizenship: The Case of East Germany     265

Robert Schaefer and Alasdair Whitney
The Uzbek Wild Card in the New Great Game in Central Asia     291

Research Notes
Peter Kabachnik, Alexi Gugushvili, and David Jishkariani
A Personality Cult’s Rise and Fall: Three Cities after Khrushchev’s “Secret Speech” and the Stalin Monument that Never Was     309

Evgeny Avdokushin, Alexander Ponedelkov, and Sergey Vorontsov
The Role of Russian Federal and Regional Political Elites in the Modernization of Public Administration     327

Book Reviews Colleen M. Moore Joshua A. Sanborn. The Imperial Apocalypse: The Great War and the Destruction of the Russian Empire     347 Aaron Hale-Dorrell Denis Kozlov and Eleonory Gilburd, eds. The Thaw: Soviet Society and Culture during the 1950s and 1960s     351

Sergei A. Kravchenko
Zh. T. Toshchenko. Fantomy Rossiiskogo obshchestva     355

Notes on the Contributors     361

Lewis Siegelbaum
Hyun Taek Kim
Joonseo Song

Lewis H. Siegelbaum, Hyun Taek Kim, and Joonseo Song The Journal REGION: Crossing Borders and Connecting Eurasia to the Glocalizing World     1

Susan Smith-Peter
Making Empty Provinces: Eighteenth-Century Enlightenment Regionalism in Russian Provincial Journals     7

Maria Bucur
War and Regeneration: The Great War and Eugenics in Eastern Europe     31

Brandon Miller
The New Soviet Narkoman: Drugs and Youth in Post-Stalinist Russia     45

Damira Umetbaeva
Official Rhetoric and Individual Perceptions of the Soviet Past: Implications for Nation Building in Kyrgyzstan     71

Elena Shadrina
Russia’s Pivot to Asia: Rationale, Progress, and Prospects for Oil and Gas Cooperation     95

Book Reviews
Kelly A. Kolar Josephson, Paul R. The Conquest of the Russian Arctic.     129

Lewis H. Siegelbaum
Shpotov, B.M. Amerikanskii biznes i Sovetskii Soiuz v 1920-1930-e gody: Labirinty ekonomicheskogo sotrudnichestva     131

Benjamin Sawyer Kate Brown, Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters     135

Notes on the Contributors     137

Style Sheet and Submissions Guidelines     141

Lewis Siegelbaum
Wan-Suk Hong
Joonseo Song

Russia and Asia
Chinyun Lee
From Kiachta to Vladivostok: Russian Merchants and the Tea Trade     195

Tatiana Filimonova
Chinese Russia: Imperial Consciousness in Vladimir Sorokin’s Work     219

Damian Rosset and David Svarin
The Constraints of the Past and the Failure of Central Asian Regionalism, 1991–2004     245

Sergey Lyubichankovskiy
The Financial Position of Officials in the Provincial Ural Administrations at the End of the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Centuries     267

Mark Edele
The New Soviet Man as a “Gypsy”: Nomadism, War, and Marginality in Stalin’s Time     285

Simeon Mitropolitski
EU Integration: An Enforcement of or an Impediment to National Identity in Bulgaria and Macedonia     309

Call for Papers
Centrifugal Forces: Reading Russia’s Regional Identities and Initiatives     327

Book Reviews
David L. Ransel
Robert E. Jones. Bread of the Water: The St. Petersburg Grain Trade and the Russian Economy, 1703–1811.     329

Stanley G. Payne
Rory Yeomans. Visions of Annihilation: The Ustasha Regime and the Cultural Politics of Fascism 1941–1945.     333

Ararat Osipian
Evgeny Vinokurov and Alexander Libman. Eurasian Integration: Challenges of Transcontinental Regionalism.     337

Notes on the Contributors     341

Style Sheet and Submissions Guidelines     345

Lewis Siegelbaum
Wan-Suk Hong
Joonseo Song

Special Issue

The Return of Regional Elections in Russia
Lewis H. Siegelbaum and Wan-Suk Hong
Introduction 1

Joan DeBardeleben and Mikhail Zherebtsov
The Reinstated Gubernatorial Elections in Russia:
A Return to Open Politics? 3

Elizabeth Teague
Russia’s Return to the Direct Election of Governers:
Re-Shaping the Power Vertical? 37

J. Paul Goode
Legitimacy and Identity in Russia’s Gubernatorial Elections 59

Daniel J. Epstein
Ballot Access, Vlast’ Dominance, and Pomoshchnik Political
Culture in Russia’s Subnational Executive Elections 83

Darrell Slider
Resistance to Decentralization under Medvedev and Putin 125

Cameron Ross
Regional Elections and Electoral Malpractice in Russia:
The Manipulation of Electoral Rules, Voters, and Votes 147

Ivan Kurilla
Reply from a Russian Scholar 173

Book Review
Lewis H. Siegelbaum
Judith Pallot and Laura Piacentini. Gender, Geography, and
Punishment: Experience of Women in Carceral Russia 179

Notes on the Contributors 183

Stylesheet 187

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