Region Volume 6 No.1

Lewis Siegelbaum
Hyun Taek Kim

Special Issue: National Minorities in the Soviet Bloc after 1945: New Historical Research in Micro- and Regional Studies

David Feest and Heidi Hein-Kircher



David Feest

Dividing Friend from Foe: Local Soviet Policy and the National Question in the Estonian Socialist Soviet Republic, 1944–53


Yaman Kouli

The German Minority in Poland between 1945 and 1960:A Key Element of Poland’s Postwar Economy


Achim Wörn

Jews in Szczecin, 1945–50: At the Crossroad between Emigration and Assimilation


Odeta Rudling

The Cult of the Balts: Mythological Impulses and Neo-Pagan Practices in the Touristic Clubs of the Lithuanian SSR of the 1960s and 1970s


Karol Rawski

A Soviet Ethnographic Think Tank: The Involvement of the Institute of Ethnography in Soviet Policy



Baris Isci Pembeci

Religion and the Construction of Ethnic Identity in Kyrgyzstan


Book Reviews

Balázs Apor

Michael David-Fox. Crossing Borders: Modernity, Ideology, and Culture in Russia and the Soviet Union


Nicholas Levy

Heather DeHaan. Stalinist City Planning: Professionals, Performance, and Power


László Kürti

Alan McDougall. The People’s Game: Football, State, and Society in East Germany


Natalie Misteravich-Carroll

Kinga Pozniak. Nowa Huta: Generations of Change in a Model Socialist Town


Catherine Portuges

Liliya Berezhnaya and Christian Schmitt, eds. Iconic Turns: Nation and Religion in Eastern European Cinema since 1989



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