Region Volume 5 No.1

Lewis Siegelbaum
Hyun Taek Kim

Politics in Central Asia

Andrew Wachtel
A Tale of Two Heroes: Kyrgyzstan in Search of National Role Models     1

Zharmukhamed Zardykhan
Ethnic Kazakh Repatriation and Kazakh Nation-Building:
The Awaited Savior or the Prodigal Son?     17

Charles J. Sullivan
Halk, Watan, Berdymukhammedov! Political Transition and
 Regime Continuity in Turkmenistan     35


Kirill V. Istomin and Yuri P. Shabaev
Izhma Komi and Komi-Permiak: Linguistic Barriers to
 Geographic and Ethnic Identity     53

Robert W. Orttung and Andreas Wenger
Explaining Cooperation and Conflict in Marine Boundary Disputes Involving Energy Deposits     75

Book Reviews

Mark T. Kettler
Jesse Kauffman. Elusive Alliance: The German Occupation of 
Poland in World War I     97

Brigid O’Keeffe

Stephen Lovell. Russia in the Microphone Age: A History of Soviet Radio, 1919–1970     101

Notes on the Contributors      105

Style Sheet and Submissions Guidelines      109