Region Volume 4 No.2

Lewis Siegelbaum
Hyun Taek Kim
Joonseo Song

Special Issue: The Great War and Eastern Europe Lewis H. Siegelbaum and Hyun Taek Kim Introduction     149 John K. Cox Weltschmerz in the Banat: The Great War, Globalization, and Miloš Crnjanski’s Novel Dnevnik o Čarnojeviću     151 Ignác Romsics The Great War and the 1918–19 Revolutions as Experienced and Remembered by the Hungarian Peasantry     173 John E. Fahey From Imperial to National, Przemyśl, Galicia’s Transformation through World War I     195 Joseph Imre Burgenland and the Austria-Hungary Border Dispute in International Perspective, 1918–22     219 Beryl Nicholson On the Front Line in Someone Else’s War: Mallakastër, Albania, 1916–18     247 Articles Choo Chin Low Détente, Recognition, and Citizenship: The Case of East Germany     265 Robert Schaefer and Alasdair Whitney The Uzbek Wild Card in the New Great Game in Central Asia     291 Research Notes Peter Kabachnik, Alexi Gugushvili, and David Jishkariani A Personality Cult’s Rise and Fall: Three Cities after Khrushchev’s “Secret Speech” and the Stalin Monument that Never Was     309 Evgeny Avdokushin, Alexander Ponedelkov, and Sergey Vorontsov The Role of Russian Federal and Regional Political Elites in the Modernization of Public Administration     327 Book Reviews Colleen M. Moore Joshua A. Sanborn. The Imperial Apocalypse: The Great War and the Destruction of the Russian Empire     347 Aaron Hale-Dorrell Denis Kozlov and Eleonory Gilburd, eds. The Thaw: Soviet Society and Culture during the 1950s and 1960s     351 Sergei A. Kravchenko Zh. T. Toshchenko. Fantomy Rossiiskogo obshchestva     355 Notes on the Contributors     361