Region Volume 3 No.1

Lewis Siegelbaum
Wan-Suk Hong
Joonseo Song

Special Issue

The Return of Regional Elections in Russia
Lewis H. Siegelbaum and Wan-Suk Hong
Introduction 1

Joan DeBardeleben and Mikhail Zherebtsov
The Reinstated Gubernatorial Elections in Russia:
A Return to Open Politics? 3

Elizabeth Teague
Russia’s Return to the Direct Election of Governers:
Re-Shaping the Power Vertical? 37

J. Paul Goode
Legitimacy and Identity in Russia’s Gubernatorial Elections 59

Daniel J. Epstein
Ballot Access, Vlast’ Dominance, and Pomoshchnik Political
Culture in Russia’s Subnational Executive Elections 83

Darrell Slider
Resistance to Decentralization under Medvedev and Putin 125

Cameron Ross
Regional Elections and Electoral Malpractice in Russia:
The Manipulation of Electoral Rules, Voters, and Votes 147

Ivan Kurilla
Reply from a Russian Scholar 173

Book Review
Lewis H. Siegelbaum
Judith Pallot and Laura Piacentini. Gender, Geography, and
Punishment: Experience of Women in Carceral Russia 179

Notes on the Contributors 183

Stylesheet 187

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