Region Volume 2 No.1

Lewis Siegelbaum
Wan-Suk Hong
Joonseo Song


Donald J. Raleigh
Doing Local History, or From Social History Oral History: Some Autobiographical Reflections on Studying Russia's Saratov Region     1

Vladimir P. Nekhoroshkov
Transport Supply of Trade and Economic Connections between Eastern Region of Russia and APEC countries     23

Edith W. Clowes
Being Sibiriak in Contemporary Siberia: Imagined Geography and Vocabularies of Identity in Regional Writing Culture     47

Gary Guadagnolo
"Who Am I?": Revolutionary Narratives of the Production of the Minority Self in the Early Soviet Era     69

Tuulikki Kurki
From Soviet Locality to Multivoiced Borderland: Literature and Identity in the Finnish-Russian National Borderlands     95

Valentina Marinescu and Ecaterina Balica
Korean Cultural Products in Eastern Europe: A Case Study of the K-Pop Impact in Romania     113

Book Review

Darrell Slider
J. Paul Goode. The Decline of Regionalism in Putin's Russia"     137

Notes on the Contributors     141

Style Sheet and Submission Guidelines     145