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Pushkin Review/Pushkinskii Vestnik publishes new scholarly articles in Russian or English on Pushkin, his era, and his legacy in Russian literature and culture; translations; archival materials; bibliographic rarities; new and interviews from the field of Pushkin studies; and book reviews. 


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  • Frequency: One volume (one issue) per year
  • ISSN/eISSN: 1526-1476/2165-0683


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  • To submit new work to the journal, email a Word File to the editors Joe Peschio (peschio@uwm.edu) and Igor Pilshchikov (pilshchikov@ucla.edu).  Please ensure that the citations in your submission are formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.  The editors welcome email queries on the journal or submitting work for consideration.


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Indexing and Abstracting

American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies



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David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review Volume 8 & 9


Aaron Beaver
Alexander Pushkin and the Iront of Temporality [p1]

Zaur Agayev
The Influence of Barry Cornwall and the Phenomenon of Poolygenesis in Alexander Pushkin's "Little House on Kolomana" [p27]

Brian Horowitz
Deceptive Subtexts in "Domik v Kolomne" [p45]

Katya Hokanson
Pushkin and Ovid on the Pontic Shore [p61]

Joseph Peschio
Once More about Arkaddi Rodzianko and Puskin [p77]

Felix Rashkolnikov
Komicheskoe v tvorchestve Pushkina[p93]

Luc Beaudoin
Language, Gender and the Dream in Eugenii Onegin [p177]

Teaching Puskin

Angela Brintlinger, AAASS 2006
Teaching Puskin, a Roundtable [p135]


Caryl Emerson
Coris Gasparov. Five Operas and A Symphony
Words and Music in Russian Culture [p141]

Ivan Eudbanks
Antony Wood, trans. Alexander Puskin. The Gypsies & Other Narrative Poems [p145]

Raquel Greene
Catharine Nepomny, Ludmilla Trigos, and Nicole Svobodny, eds.Under the Sky of My Africa: Pskin and Blackness [p149]

Carol Flath
Julian Henry Lowenfeld, trans. My Talisman/Mou .... The Poetry of Alexander Puskin [p153]

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review Volume 6 & 7


Pushkin's Vision of the Enlightened Self: Individualism, Authority and Tradition beyond Karamzin
Lina Steiner

Cain and Herostratus: Pushkin's and Shaffer's Reappropriations of the Mozart Myth
Kerry Sabbag

Sidestepping Silence, Ventriloquizing Death: A Reconsideration of Pushkin's Stone Island Cycle
Alyssa Dinega Gillespie

Vladislav Khodasevich as Teacher of Pushkin: Lectures on Poetry to the Prolekult
Angela Brintlinger

Lectures on Pushkin for Proletkult (1918). Translated by Angela Brintlinger
Vladislav Khodasevich

New Translations
Translator's Introduction to The Little House at Kolomna.
The Little House at Kolomna
Peter Cochran

Translator's Introduction to Angelo.
Ivan Eubanks

Teaching Pushkin

A Note on Teaching Eugene Onegin in English
Jim Rice

On Teaching Eugene Onegin in English
Anne Lounsbery

Champagne for the Brain: Reading and Writing Onegin Stanzas with American Undergraduates
Romy Taylor


Pushkinian Elements in Isaak Levitan's Painting "By the Mill-Pond"
Paul Debreczeny

Музы наши сестры (Пущкин и Вяземский)
О. Ю. Шокина


Чумаков, Юрий. Стихотворная
Марк АлБтшуллер

J. Douglas Clayton. In Dimitry's Shade: A Reading of Alexander Pushkin's 'Boris Godunov'.
Caryl Emerson

Ian Helfant. The High Stakes of Identity: Gambling in the Life and Literature of Nineteenth-Century Russia
Michael Finke

Расколвников, Ф. Ф. Смамъц о русскоц лцмерамуре
Чумина Загидуллина

Olga Peters Hasty. Pushkin's Tatiana
Douglas Clayton

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review, Volume 5, 2002


Six Short Poems by Pushkin, Englished and Annotated
James L. Rice

Towards the Prosaics of Poetry: Pushkin's Graf Nulin and Lermontov's Tambovskaia Kaznacheisha
Heather Daly

Criticism and Fragment in the Early Reception History of Eugene Onegin
Anna Gessen

Pushkin's Failure in Mickiewicz's Eyes, or, Why Read Adam Mickiewicz's Lectures?
Megan Dixon

New Translations

The Pushkin-Mickiewicz Connection, Once Again
David M. Bethea

Adam Mickiewicz's Lectures on Slavic Literature.
Presented at the College de France at Paris, 1840-1844
Megan Dixon


Ruslan G. Skrynnikov. Duel' Pushkina
Irina Reifman

David Herman. Poverty of the Imagination: Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature about the Poor
Lauren G. Leighton, compiler. A Bibliography of Alexander Pushkin in English: Studies and Translations
Luc Beaudoin

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review, Volume 4, 2001


Pushkin and the Koran: Dialogic Appropriation
John Henriksen

Pushkin and Mickiewicz in Moral Profile
Megan Dixon

A Note on Curiosity in Pushkin's "The Blackamoor of Peter the Great"
Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy

(cyrillic text)


Compiler, Pushkin Studies in the West
Allan Urbanic

New Translations

Introduction to James R. Falen's The Water-Nymph
Catherine O'Neil

The Water-Nymph
James R. Falen

Adam Mickiewicz's Obituary for Alexander Pushkin: "The Literary Movement in Russia"
Megan Dixon


Michael Wachtel (B.M. Gasparov)

Andrew J. Swensen (Alexander Pushkin. The Little Tragedies. Translation, with Critical Essays by Nancy K. Anderson)

Peter I. Barta (Angela Brintlinger. Writing a Usable Past: Russian Literary Culture 1917-1937)

Angela Brintlinger (Paul Debreczeny. Social Functions of Literature: Alexander Pushkin and Russian Culture)

News of the Profession

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review, Volume 3, 2000


(Fill in Cyrillic)

Selected Papers from the conference "Alexander Pushkin and Humanistic Study: Methodological Assumptions, Issues of Translation, East-West Dialogue," Stanford University, April 1999.

Rereading 'The Queen of Spades'
Andrew Wachtel

Pushkin, Aristocratic Identity and Court Society
Leslie O'Bell

Tempting Fate: Defiance and Subversion in the Writing of Boris Godunov
Brett Cooke and Chester Dunning

A.S. Pushkin's Self-Projection in the 1830s: 'Letters to His Wife'
Brain Horowitz

Burying the Elegiac Corpse: Selfhood in Pushkin's Late Lyrics
David Powelstock

Selected Papers from the conference "Pushkin beyond Europe," Pennsylvania State University, October 1999.

Imperialism as an Infectious Disease: The Theme of Death in 'Kavkazskii plennik'
Adrian J. Wanner

Onegin's Journey: The Orient Revisited
Katya Hokanson


(Cyrillic Text)
Thomas Epstein

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin


What Derzhavin Heard When Pushkin Read "Vospominaniia v Tsarskom Sele" in 1815
Anna Lisa Crone

Between Public and Private: Refiguring Politics in Pushkin's Boris Godunov
Brian James Baer

Pushkinist or P.R. Man: Sergei Lifar in 1930s Europe
Angela Brintlinger

Eugene Onegin and the Album Culture of Pushkin's Time
Natalia Ivanovna Mikhailova

О финалъной сцене "Каменного гостя"
ОБ Заславский

New Translations

The Tale of Tsar Saltan: A Centenary Appreciation of Rimskii-Korsakov's Second Pushkin Opera
Lyle K. Neff

A Feast in Time of Plague
James R. Falen

The Covetous Knight
James R. Falen


News of the Profession