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Pushkin Review/Pushkinskii Vestnik publishes new scholarly articles in Russian or English on Pushkin, his era, and his legacy in Russian literature and culture; translations; archival materials; bibliographic rarities; new and interviews from the field of Pushkin studies; and book reviews. 


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  • Frequency: One volume (one issue) per year
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  • To submit new work to the journal, email a Word File to the editors Joe Peschio (peschio@uwm.edu) and Igor Pilshchikov (pilshchikov@ucla.edu).  Please ensure that the citations in your submission are formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.  The editors welcome email queries on the journal or submitting work for consideration.


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American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies



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Ivan Eubanks
Lina Steiner

Articles on Pushkin
Тимур Гузаиров
«Simplicité niaise» А. С. Пушкина: Выбор и организация фактов в «Истории Пугачевского бунта» 1

А. Левашов и С. Ляпин
«Медный Всадник» А. С. Пушкина: проблема текста 13

Ingrid Kleespies
Traveling Domestics: The Penates and the Poet in
Pushkin’s Lyric Verse 27

Archival Materials
“The Green Lamp Archive”
Edited with commentary by Joe Peschio and Igor Pilshchikov 53

Articles on Pushkin's Contemporaries
Angela Brintlinger
Inaugural Introduction to the Pushkin Review’s
Section on Pushkin’s Contemporaries 97

Anna Aydinyan
Griboedov’s Project of the Russian Transcaucasian
Company and the Ideas of the European Enlightenment 101

Justin Wilmes
Reading Griboedov’s Woe from Wit as a
“Chekhovian” Tragicomedy 125

Jennifer Wilson
Griboedov in Bed: Meyerhold’s Woe to Wit and the
Staging of Sexual Mores in the NEP Era 143

News of the Profession
Roger Clarke
New Series of Pushkin Editions in English 147


Angela Brintlinger
Andrew Kahn, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Pushkin. Introduction by Andrew Kahn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. xv + 238. Illustrations. Chronology. Map. Appendix. Index. ISBN-0-521-60471-0. Paper 163

Svetlana Klimova
Stephanie de Montalk. The Fountain of Tears. Wellington,
New Zealand: Victoria University Press, Victoria University of Wellington.: Cambridge University Press, 2006. 240 pp.
ISBN 0-86473-531-6 165

Ivan Eubanks
Lina Steiner

Pushkin Review Volume 14


Renate Lachmann
Alexander Pushkin's Novel in Verse, Eugene Onegin,
and Its Legacy in the Works of Vladimir Nabokov Translated by Mark Pettus [p1]

Justyna Beinek
"Portable Graveyards":
Albums in the Romantic Culture of Memory [p35]

Olga Voronina
“The Sun of World Poetry”: Pushkin as a Cold War Writer [p63]

Lindsay Ceballos
"With no great quantity of paintings":
Pushkin's Polemic with Raphael in "Madona" [p97]

Amanda Murphy
"She troubles me like a passion":
Shakespearean Echoes in Pushkin's Marina Mniszek [p119]

Juan Christian Pellicer
Pushkin's "To Ovid" and Virgil's Georgics [p147]


Priscilla Meyer
Josh Billings, trans., Tales of Belkin; Hugh Aplin, trans., The Tales of Belkin;
Sang Hyun Kim, Aleksandr Pushkin's "The Tales of Belkin":
Formalist and Structuralist Readings and Beyond the Literary Theories [p157]

Tat'iana Shemetova
Galler, B.A.
Vozvrashchenie v Mikhailovskoe. Roman. Knigi Pervaia i Vtoraia[p161]

David Cooper
Dreamlore Games. A. S. Pushkin, "Evgenii Oniegin," Igra dlia personal'nago komp'iutera [p165]

Laura Salmon
Kholkin, Vladimir i Anatolii Maslov. Deustvuiushchee litso. Predpolozheniia ob odnom sovremennom portrete Pushkina [p169]

Angela Brintlinger
Catherine O'Neal

Pushkin Review Volume 12 & 13


J. Douglas Clayton
The Queen of Spades:
A Seriously Intended Joke [p1]

Kathleen Manukyan
The Poet and His Readers: Three Lyrics and an Unfinished Story of Alexander Pushkin [p17]

Jonathan Brooks Platt
Between Thought and Feeling:
Odoevsky, Pushkin, and Dialectical Doubt in 1833 [p45]


Ivan Eubanks
My Genealogy, with Commentary and Annotations by Ivan Eubanks and Sonia Ketchian [p117]

Olesya Surkova
Variegated Tales by Prince Vladimir Fyodorovich Odoevsky [p125]


Ivan Eubanks
Robert Chandler. Brief Lives: Alexander Pushkin [p145]

Alexandra Smith
Andrew Kahn. Pushkin’s Lyric Intelligence [p149]

Katya Hokanson
Chester Dunning, et al. The Uncensored Boris Godunov [p153]

Grigorii Kruzhkov Henry M. Hoyt, trans., Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse; and Stanley Mitchell, trans., Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse [p157]

Michael Wachtel
Pushkin and the Wikipedia:

Angela Brintlinger
Catherine O'Neal

Pushkin Review Volume 11


Mikail Gronas
Who was the Author of the First Book (or rather Booklet) on Pushkin? [p1]

Ivan Eubanks
Tragedy and Ethical Evaluation in Pushkin's Poltava [p33]

Daria Solodkaia
The Mystery of German's Failure in the Queen of Spades:
Cracking Pushkin's Persoanal Code [p61]

Ana Navas Rodriguez
Reading Pushkin's Tales of Belkin though
Sainte-Beuve's Vie, Poeses et Pensees de Jeseph Delorme [p81]

Lada Panova
Russian Cleopantrimony: From Pushkin's "Egyptian Nights" to the Silver Age [p103]

New Translations

Ivan Eubanks
Poltava [p129]


Nancy Mandelker Frieden
Yuri Tynianov, Young Pushkin [p185]

Melissa Frazier
Pushkin and Blackness on the Web [p189]

Petere Cochran
Roman Koropeckyj, Adam Mickiewicz:
The Life of a Romantic [p193]

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review Volume 10


Leslie O'Bell
Puskin's Novel The Captain's Daughter as Family Memoi [p47]

Inessa Medzhibovskaya
Lucid Sorrow and Political Foresight:
Simon Frank on Pushkin, and the Challenges of Ontology for Literature [p59]

Andrew Reynolds
Light Breathing: Osip Mandelstam's First Poems, Pushkin, and the Poetics of Influence [p103]

David Houston
Another Look at the Poetics od Exile:
Pushkin's Reception of Ovid 1821-24 [p 129]

New Translations

Mniszek's Sonnet:
In Honor of J. Thomas Shaw, Pushkinist Extraordinaire [p151]


Brian Horowitz
David M. BEthea, ed. THe Pushkin Handbook [p163]

Angela Brintlinger
Alexandra Smith, Montaging Pushkin

Vladimir Golstein
Alexander Dolinin, PUshkin i Angliia [p171]

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review Volume 8 & 9


Aaron Beaver
Alexander Pushkin and the Iront of Temporality [p1]

Zaur Agayev
The Influence of Barry Cornwall and the Phenomenon of Poolygenesis in Alexander Pushkin's "Little House on Kolomana" [p27]

Brian Horowitz
Deceptive Subtexts in "Domik v Kolomne" [p45]

Katya Hokanson
Pushkin and Ovid on the Pontic Shore [p61]

Joseph Peschio
Once More about Arkaddi Rodzianko and Puskin [p77]

Felix Rashkolnikov
Komicheskoe v tvorchestve Pushkina[p93]

Luc Beaudoin
Language, Gender and the Dream in Eugenii Onegin [p177]

Teaching Puskin

Angela Brintlinger, AAASS 2006
Teaching Puskin, a Roundtable [p135]


Caryl Emerson
Coris Gasparov. Five Operas and A Symphony
Words and Music in Russian Culture [p141]

Ivan Eudbanks
Antony Wood, trans. Alexander Puskin. The Gypsies & Other Narrative Poems [p145]

Raquel Greene
Catharine Nepomny, Ludmilla Trigos, and Nicole Svobodny, eds.Under the Sky of My Africa: Pskin and Blackness [p149]

Carol Flath
Julian Henry Lowenfeld, trans. My Talisman/Mou .... The Poetry of Alexander Puskin [p153]