Pushkin Review Volume 6 & 7

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review Volume 6 & 7


Pushkin's Vision of the Enlightened Self: Individualism, Authority and Tradition beyond Karamzin
Lina Steiner

Cain and Herostratus: Pushkin's and Shaffer's Reappropriations of the Mozart Myth
Kerry Sabbag

Sidestepping Silence, Ventriloquizing Death: A Reconsideration of Pushkin's Stone Island Cycle
Alyssa Dinega Gillespie

Vladislav Khodasevich as Teacher of Pushkin: Lectures on Poetry to the Prolekult
Angela Brintlinger

Lectures on Pushkin for Proletkult (1918). Translated by Angela Brintlinger
Vladislav Khodasevich

New Translations
Translator's Introduction to The Little House at Kolomna.
The Little House at Kolomna
Peter Cochran

Translator's Introduction to Angelo.
Ivan Eubanks

Teaching Pushkin

A Note on Teaching Eugene Onegin in English
Jim Rice

On Teaching Eugene Onegin in English
Anne Lounsbery

Champagne for the Brain: Reading and Writing Onegin Stanzas with American Undergraduates
Romy Taylor


Pushkinian Elements in Isaak Levitan's Painting "By the Mill-Pond"
Paul Debreczeny

Музы наши сестры (Пущкин и Вяземский)
О. Ю. Шокина


Чумаков, Юрий. Стихотворная
Марк АлБтшуллер

J. Douglas Clayton. In Dimitry's Shade: A Reading of Alexander Pushkin's 'Boris Godunov'.
Caryl Emerson

Ian Helfant. The High Stakes of Identity: Gambling in the Life and Literature of Nineteenth-Century Russia
Michael Finke

Расколвников, Ф. Ф. Смамъц о русскоц лцмерамуре
Чумина Загидуллина

Olga Peters Hasty. Pushkin's Tatiana
Douglas Clayton