Pushkin Review Volume 5

David Beathea
Alexander Dolinin

Pushkin Review, Volume 5, 2002


Six Short Poems by Pushkin, Englished and Annotated
James L. Rice

Towards the Prosaics of Poetry: Pushkin's Graf Nulin and Lermontov's Tambovskaia Kaznacheisha
Heather Daly

Criticism and Fragment in the Early Reception History of Eugene Onegin
Anna Gessen

Pushkin's Failure in Mickiewicz's Eyes, or, Why Read Adam Mickiewicz's Lectures?
Megan Dixon

New Translations

The Pushkin-Mickiewicz Connection, Once Again
David M. Bethea

Adam Mickiewicz's Lectures on Slavic Literature.
Presented at the College de France at Paris, 1840-1844
Megan Dixon


Ruslan G. Skrynnikov. Duel' Pushkina
Irina Reifman

David Herman. Poverty of the Imagination: Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature about the Poor
Lauren G. Leighton, compiler. A Bibliography of Alexander Pushkin in English: Studies and Translations
Luc Beaudoin