Pushkin Review Volume 15

Ivan Eubanks
Lina Steiner

Articles on Pushkin
Тимур Гузаиров
«Simplicité niaise» А. С. Пушкина: Выбор и организация фактов в «Истории Пугачевского бунта» 1

А. Левашов и С. Ляпин
«Медный Всадник» А. С. Пушкина: проблема текста 13

Ingrid Kleespies
Traveling Domestics: The Penates and the Poet in
Pushkin’s Lyric Verse 27

Archival Materials
“The Green Lamp Archive”
Edited with commentary by Joe Peschio and Igor Pilshchikov 53

Articles on Pushkin's Contemporaries
Angela Brintlinger
Inaugural Introduction to the Pushkin Review’s
Section on Pushkin’s Contemporaries 97

Anna Aydinyan
Griboedov’s Project of the Russian Transcaucasian
Company and the Ideas of the European Enlightenment 101

Justin Wilmes
Reading Griboedov’s Woe from Wit as a
“Chekhovian” Tragicomedy 125

Jennifer Wilson
Griboedov in Bed: Meyerhold’s Woe to Wit and the
Staging of Sexual Mores in the NEP Era 143

News of the Profession
Roger Clarke
New Series of Pushkin Editions in English 147


Angela Brintlinger
Andrew Kahn, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Pushkin. Introduction by Andrew Kahn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. xv + 238. Illustrations. Chronology. Map. Appendix. Index. ISBN-0-521-60471-0. Paper 163

Svetlana Klimova
Stephanie de Montalk. The Fountain of Tears. Wellington,
New Zealand: Victoria University Press, Victoria University of Wellington.: Cambridge University Press, 2006. 240 pp.
ISBN 0-86473-531-6 165