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Pushkin Review/Pushkinskii Vestnik publishes new scholarly articles in Russian or English on Pushkin, his era, and his legacy in Russian literature and culture; translations; archival materials; bibliographic rarities; new and interviews from the field of Pushkin studies; and book reviews. 


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  • Frequency: One volume (one issue) per year
  • ISSN/eISSN: 1526-1476/2165-0683


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  • To submit new work to the journal, email a Word File to the editors Joe Peschio (peschio@uwm.edu) and Igor Pilshchikov (pilshchikov@ucla.edu).  Please ensure that the citations in your submission are formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.  The editors welcome email queries on the journal or submitting work for consideration.


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American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies



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Igor Pilshchikov and Joe Peschio

Pushkin Review---Пушкинский Вестник



Alina Bodrova
Между литературным сообществом и индивидуальным
жизнетворчеством: Пушкин и Вольное общество
любителей российской словесности    1

Igor Pilshchikov
Navigium amoris and an Encounter in Mikhailovskoe
(Pushkin-Zhukovsky-Florian-Cervantes)    21

Tatiana Kitanina
 Сводня грустно за столом... : K истории и интерпретации   51

Oleg Proskurin
Тяжкий млат (О генезисе одного образа в Полтавеa )  67

Elena Pedigo Clark
Twenty-First-Century Prisoners of the Caucasus: Scapegoats and
Sacrificial Lambs in Aleksei Uchitel's Captive   75


Kathleen Scollins
Yuliya Ilchuk, Nikolai Gogol: Performing Hybrid Identity. Toronto:
University of Toronto Press, 2021. xvi +268 pp.
ISBN 978-1487508258.   97

Ingrid Kleespies

Susan Layton, Contested Russian Tourism: Cosmopolitanism, Nation, and Empire in the Nineteenth Century. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2021. x + 468 pp. ISBN 978-1644694206.    103

Bella Grigoryan
Il'ia Vinitskii, Graf Sardinskii: Dmitrii Khvostov i russkaia
kul'tura. Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie: Nauchnoe prilozhenie
159. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2017. 352 pp.
ISBN 978-5444806074.    107

James H. McGavran III
Alexander Pushkin, Selected Poetry. Translated with an
introduction and notes by Antony Wood. London: Penguin
Classics, 2020. liv + 280 pp. ISBN 978-0241207130.    109

Alexandra Smith
Igor' Nemirovskii, Pushkinó liberten i prorok. Moscow:
Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2018. 352 pp.
ISBN 978-5444807194.  113

Igor Pilshchikov
Ilya Perelmuter, Russische Poesie in deutschen ‹Übersetzungen:
Bibliographie ausgewählter Werke. Wien: danzig & unfried, 2020.
450 pp. ISBN 978-3902752246 (print). ISBN 978-3902752765
(e-book, pdf).   115

Igor Pilshchikov and Joe Peschio

Pushkin Review---Пушкинский Вестник


Lada Panova
Pushkin’s Patrimony and the Rhetoric of “Russianness” in
Vladislav Khodasevich’s Poem “Not by my mother, but by a
Tula peasant woman...”

Andrei Dobritsyn
Пушкинская «Гавриилиада», мадригал Батюшкова:
Французские истоки либертинской трактовки Благовещения

Ilya Vinitsky
«Прием Гавриила» и американское эротическое воображение:
Перевод как захват


Yuri Lotman
Two Sections from the Commentary to Eugene Onegin
Translated and with Commentary by Laura E. Matthews
The Education and Service of Nobles   111
The Interests and Pursuits of a Noblewoman   127


The Poetry of Grammar and Ungrammaticality
Alexander Zholkovsky interviewed by the editors of
Pushkin Review    135


Selected Bibliography of Alexander Zholkovsky’s Works on Pushkin
Compiled and annotated by Alexander Zholkovsky and
Igor Pilshchikov    169

Chronicle of Pushkin Scholarship---Летопись пушкинистики

Benjamin Musachio
Pushkinalia III, 2020: “Вновь я посетил...”: Pushkin in Transit
(Conference Report)    179


Victoria Juharyan
Jillian Porter. Economies of Feeling: Russian Literature under
Nicholas I. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2017.
xi + 198 pp. ISBN 978-0-8101-3544-4.   189

Peter Orte
Ilya Vinitsky. Vasily Zhukovsky’s Romanticism and the Emotional
History of Russia. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press,
2015. xi + 375 pp. ISBN 978-0-810-13098-2.   193

Elena Pedigo Clark
Daria Khitrova. Lyric Complicity: Poetry and Readers in the Golden
Age of Russian Literature. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press,
2019. x + 296 pp. Index. ISBN 978-0299322106.   197

Valeria Sobol

Anne Lounsbery. Life Is Elsewhere: Symbolic Geography in the Russian Provinces, 1800–1917. NIU Series in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Ithaca, NY: Northern Illinois University Press, an
imprint of Cornell University Press, 2019. xi + 344 pp. ISBN 978-1501747922.    199

Emily Wang

Pushkin Review---Пушкинский Вестник



Ilya Vinitsky and Michael Wachtel
Introducing the Pushkinalia  1

Alexey Balakin
Из бумаг И. Е. Велипольского: К истории его ссоры с
Пушкиным в августе 1826-ого года  5

Edyta M. Bojanowska
Pushkin’s “To The Slanderers of Russia”:
The Slavic Question, Imperial Anxieties, and Geopolitics  11

Alyssa Dinega Gillespie
“Vot muza, rezvaia boltun ́ia...”: Poetic Form as a
Window onto Pushkin’s Playful Ethical “Doublespeak”   35

Oleg Proskurin
“Медный всадник”:
Поэтическая символика в свете внешней политики  53

Ilya Vinitsky
Byron’s Teeth: Alexander Pushkin and the Romantic Body  85

Michael Wachtel
Pushkin’s Turn to Folklore   107


Irina Anisimova
Between Nation and Empire: Alexander Pushkin’s
The Captain’s Daughter   155

Gary Rosenshield
Napoleon and Alexander I in Pushkin’s Pre-exile Poetry   179


Alyssa Dinega Gillespie
“The Snowslide” and “...Again I visit”   209

James MacGavran
“The Heavenly Language of Hellas”:
Pushkin’s Elegiac Distichs  213


Emily Wang
Bella Grigoryan. Noble Subjects: The Russian Novel and
the Gentry, 1762–1861. DeKalb: Northern Illinois University
Press, 2018. xii + 189 pp. ISBN 978-0-87580-774-4.   225

Kathleen Scollins
Irina Reyfman. How Russia Learned to Write: Literature and
the Imperial Table of Ranks. Madison: University of Wisconsin
Press, 2016. ix + 237 pp. ISBN 978-0-299-30830-8    229

Alexandra Smith
Gary Rosenshield. Challenging the Bard: Dostoevsky and
Pushkin. A Study of a Literary Relationship. Madison:
University of Wisconsin Press, 2013. 318 pp.
ISBN 978-0-299-29354-3    233

Lev Nikulin
Kathleen Scollins. Acts of Logos in Pushkin and Gogol:
Petersburg Texts and Subtexts. Brighton: Academic Studies
Press, 2017. xiii + 278 pp. ISBN 9781618115836 (e-book),
ISBN 9781618115829 (cloth)   235

Emily Wang



From the Archives of Pushkin Scholarship: Three Essays, edited by Michael Wachtel

Michael Wachtel
Introduction      1

Mark Azadovsky
The Sources of Pushkin’s Fairy Tales (Translated by James McGavran)     5

Yuri Lotman
The Duel (Translated by Laura E. Christians)     41

Mikhail Gasparov
The Semantic Aura of Pushkin’s Trochaic Tetrameter (Translated by Michael Wachtel)     55

Pushkin Is Our Comrade: Mikhail Lifshitz and Andrei Platonov on the Legacy of Russia’s Classic Writer in the Soviet 1930s, edited by Ania Aizman, Jason Cieply, and Pavel Khazanov

Pavel Khazanov
Mikhail Lifshitz and the Dialectical Politics of Art in the USSR     67

Mikhail Lifshitz
On Pushkin. Letter to G. M. Fridlender, 8 April 1938 (Translated by Pavel Khazanov)     75

Jason Cieply
Andrei Platonov and the “Living Dialectic” of the “Pushkinian Person”     87

Andrei Platonov
Pushkin Is Our Comrade (Translated by Ania Aizman)     101

Andrei Platonov
Pushkin and Gorky (Translated by Jason Cieply)     117


Geoff Cebula
Pushkin and the Death of the Poet in Alexander Vvedensky’s “Where. When”     141


Alyssa Dinega Gillespie
Michael Wachtel. A Commentary to Pushkin’s Lyric Poetry: 1826– 1836. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2011. 404 pp.
ISBN 978-029928544-9     159

Emily Wang
Joe Peschio. The Poetics of Impudence and Intimacy in the Age of Pushkin. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2012.
xii + 160 pp. ISBN 978-0-299-29044-3      163

Ivan Eubanks
Lina Steiner



Matthew Spellberg
On Laughter and Dreaming in Pushkin      1

Jonathan Brooks Platt
Where Are Liberty and Law? Subjectivizing the Naïve in Chénier, Pushkin, and Lermontov     25

Leslie O’Bell
Onegin’s Album: A Creative and Literary Crossroads    49

Bella Grigoryan
The Poet Turned Journalist: Alexander Pushkin and the Reading Public    61

Sidney Eric Dement
The Lifelike Statues of Ovid and Pushkin’s Orthodoxy    85

Maksim Hanukai
Tragedy in the Balkans: Pushkin’s Critique of Romantic Ideology in The Gypsies      107


In Memoriam

Caryl Emerson and Ivan Eubanks
Tim Vasen (1964–2015)    135



Boris Dralyuk
Three Poems from the Golden Age:
Vasily Zhukovsky’s “9 March 1823,”
Konstantin Batyushkov’s “You wake, o Baiae, from your tomb,”
and Yevgeny Baratynsky’s “The Muse”      137

Ivan Eubanks
Lina Steiner

“Eugene Onegin” on the Stage

Caryl Emerson
Tairov’s Theater, Evreinov’s Monodramatic Moment, and the
Lessons of “Eugene Onegin”: A Scenic Projection     1

Caryl Emerson
Preface to Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky’s Eugene Onegin     25

James E. Falen, trans.
“Eugene Onegin”: A Scenic Projection     33


Brian Horowitz
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin in the New Soviet State:
Pavel Sakulin and the Pushkin Edition of 1931–36     181

Kathleen Scollins
Cursing at the Whirlwind:
The Old Testament Landscape of The Bronze Horseman     205

John Lyles
Bloody Verses: Rereading Pushkin’s Prisoner of the Caucasus     233


Gary Saul Morson
David M. Bethea. The Superstitious Muse: Thinking Russian Literature Mythopoetically.
Studies in Russian and Slavic Literatures, Cultures and History. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2009. 432 pp.
ISBN 978-1-934843-17-8. Cloth.     255

Ivan Eubanks
Review of Roger Clarke’s Series of Pushkin in English     259

David Gasperetti
Katya Hokanson. Writing at Russia’s Border. Toronto:
University of Toronto Press, 2008. x + 301 pp.
ISBN 978-0- 8020-9306-6. Cloth.     263

Ivan Eubanks
Lina Steiner

Articles on Pushkin
Тимур Гузаиров
«Simplicité niaise» А. С. Пушкина: Выбор и организация фактов в «Истории Пугачевского бунта» 1

А. Левашов и С. Ляпин
«Медный Всадник» А. С. Пушкина: проблема текста 13

Ingrid Kleespies
Traveling Domestics: The Penates and the Poet in
Pushkin’s Lyric Verse 27

Archival Materials
“The Green Lamp Archive”
Edited with commentary by Joe Peschio and Igor Pilshchikov 53

Articles on Pushkin's Contemporaries
Angela Brintlinger
Inaugural Introduction to the Pushkin Review’s
Section on Pushkin’s Contemporaries 97

Anna Aydinyan
Griboedov’s Project of the Russian Transcaucasian
Company and the Ideas of the European Enlightenment 101

Justin Wilmes
Reading Griboedov’s Woe from Wit as a
“Chekhovian” Tragicomedy 125

Jennifer Wilson
Griboedov in Bed: Meyerhold’s Woe to Wit and the
Staging of Sexual Mores in the NEP Era 143

News of the Profession
Roger Clarke
New Series of Pushkin Editions in English 147


Angela Brintlinger
Andrew Kahn, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Pushkin. Introduction by Andrew Kahn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. xv + 238. Illustrations. Chronology. Map. Appendix. Index. ISBN-0-521-60471-0. Paper 163

Svetlana Klimova
Stephanie de Montalk. The Fountain of Tears. Wellington,
New Zealand: Victoria University Press, Victoria University of Wellington.: Cambridge University Press, 2006. 240 pp.
ISBN 0-86473-531-6 165