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Folia Slavica A journal of Slavic, Baltic, and Balkan linguistics and philology no longer in publication. Approximately one volume were published per year, with three numbers per volume and at least 378 pages per volume. Published were: Volume 1 (1977-78); Volume 2 (1978); Volume 3 (1979); Volume 4 (1980-81); Volume 5 (1982); Volume 6 (1983-84); Volume 7 (1984-85); Volume 8 (1986-87). Publication was suspended after Volume 8, and no more are expected. A limited number of copies remain for sale. Prices: $35.00 per volume for libraries and institutions, $20 for individuals for private use. Sales are by volumes, not years. All back volumes are available. ISSN: 0160-9394.

International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Founded by Roman Jakobson, Edited by Dean S. Worth, Edward Stankiewicz, C. H. Van Schooneveld, Walter N. Vickery. Also no longer a regular publication, a limited number of copies remain for sale. ISSN: 0538-8228

Oral Tradition Edited by John M. Foley In 2007, Oral Tradition ceased to be published in its traditional print format but is available online, free of charge. Additional information and links to issues currently available on line may be found at the home page for the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition at the University of Missouri. Oral Tradition has one volume per year. From Volume 1 through Volume 6, there were three numbers per volume. Volumes starting with 7 (1992) have two numbers per volume, but at least the same total number of pages is published in each volume. The greater single-issue length has also allowed the introduction of a new feature: "clusters" of essays on particular topics or areas, amid the customary mix of articles on a variety of fields. Back Issue Prices $45 per volume for libraries and Institutions $35 for individuals. All back volumes are available.

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 1 (1986)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Number 1

The Manner of Boyan: Translating Oral Literature
Burton Raffel

Oral Studies and Biblical Studies
Robert Culley

Performed Being: Word Art as a Human Inheritance
Frederick Turner

The Oral Traditions of Modern Greece: A Survey
Roderick Beaton

The Alphabetic Mind: A Gift of Greece to the Modern World
Eric Havelock

Mettings and Professional Notes

Number 2

Homer and Oral Tradition: The Formula, Part I
Mark W. Edwards

Australian Aboiginal Oral Traditions
Margaret Clunies Ross

Orality in Medieval Irish Narrative: An Overview
Joseph Falaky Nagy

The Collection and Analysis of Oral Epic Tradition in South Slavic: An Instance
David E. Bynum

Hispanic Oral Literature: Accomplishments and Perspectives
Ruth House Webber

Exploring the Literate Blindspot: Alexander Pope's Homer in Light of Milman Party
Elizabeth A. Hoffman

The Oral Tradition and Middle High German Literature
Franz H. Bauml

Two Aboriginal Oral Texts

Number 3
Perspectives on Recent Work on the Oral Traditional Formula
Albert B. Lord

The Oral Background of Byzantine Popular Poetry
Elizabeth and Michael Jeffreys

Oral-Formulaic Research in Old English Studies: I
Alexandra Hennessey Olsen

A Romanian Singer of Tales: Vasile Tetin
Eliza Miruna Ghil

The Oral-Formulaic Thoery in Middle English Studies
Ward Parks

The Message of the American Folk Sermon
Bruce A. Rosenberg

Social Functions of the Medieval Epic in the Romance Literatures
Joseph J. Duggan

International Bibliography of Research and Scholarship on the Field of Oral Tradition

Edited by the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

This journal, edited by the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, is one of the leading outlets for international scholarship on the linguistics, philology, literature, culture, religion, and art of the medieval Orthodox Slavic world (with emphasis on Bulgaria, Byzantium, and the South Slavs). Articles are published in English, German, French, Russian, and Bulgarian. All articles not in English are accompanied by an English summary. Four issues, each ca. 140 pages, are published per year.

Subscription rates are $55.00 per year. Slavica has arranged to obtain a very limited number of subscriptions for 1996 and for 1997. Orders for two years (or for one year plus another item in this catalog) will receive the 20% discount, bringing the final price down to $44. You can also subscribe directly by writing to Palaeobulgarica, 13 Moskovska St., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. As this catalog goes to press, the latest issue received is Number 2 for 1996.