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Folia Slavica A journal of Slavic, Baltic, and Balkan linguistics and philology no longer in publication. Approximately one volume were published per year, with three numbers per volume and at least 378 pages per volume. Published were: Volume 1 (1977-78); Volume 2 (1978); Volume 3 (1979); Volume 4 (1980-81); Volume 5 (1982); Volume 6 (1983-84); Volume 7 (1984-85); Volume 8 (1986-87). Publication was suspended after Volume 8, and no more are expected. A limited number of copies remain for sale. Prices: $35.00 per volume for libraries and institutions, $20 for individuals for private use. Sales are by volumes, not years. All back volumes are available. ISSN: 0160-9394.

International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Founded by Roman Jakobson, Edited by Dean S. Worth, Edward Stankiewicz, C. H. Van Schooneveld, Walter N. Vickery. Also no longer a regular publication, a limited number of copies remain for sale. ISSN: 0538-8228

Oral Tradition Edited by John M. Foley In 2007, Oral Tradition ceased to be published in its traditional print format but is available online, free of charge. Additional information and links to issues currently available on line may be found at the home page for the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition at the University of Missouri. Oral Tradition has one volume per year. From Volume 1 through Volume 6, there were three numbers per volume. Volumes starting with 7 (1992) have two numbers per volume, but at least the same total number of pages is published in each volume. The greater single-issue length has also allowed the introduction of a new feature: "clusters" of essays on particular topics or areas, amid the customary mix of articles on a variety of fields. Back Issue Prices $45 per volume for libraries and Institutions $35 for individuals. All back volumes are available.

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 11 (1996)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1
A thematic issue on "Epics Along the Silk Roads"
Lauri Honko, Special Editor

Introduction: Epics along the Silk Roads: Mental Text, Performance, and Written Codification
Lauri Honko
Epic and Identity: National, Regional, Communal, Individual
Lauri Honko
Epos and National Identiy: Transformations and Incarnations
Lauri Harvhilahti
Transformations of Epic Time and Space: Creating the World's Creation in Kalevala-metric Poetry
Lotte Tarkka
The Present State of the Mongolian Epic and Some Topics for Future Research
Walther Heissig
G.J. Ramsteadt as a Recorder of Khalkha Epics
Harry HalXn
Kudaman: An Oral Epic in Palawan Highlands
Nicole Revel
The Mechanisms of Epic Plot and the Mongolian Geseriad
S. Ju. Nekljudov
From Classical to Postclassical: Changing Ideologies and Changing Epics in India
Petteri Koskikallio
Caucasian Epics: Textualist Principles in Publishing
Alla Alieva
Epics in the Oral Genre System of Tulunadu
B.A. Bibeka Rai

Number 2

Mary Ellen Brown
The Mechanism of the Ancient Ballad: William MotherwellÕs Explanation
Burton Raffel
Who Heard the Rhymes, and How: ShakespeareÕs Dramaturgical Signals
Robert Henke
Orality and Literacy in Commedia dellÕArte and the Shakespearean Clown
Erik Pihel
A Furified Freestyle: Homer and Hip Hop
Thomas A. Dubois
The Kalevala Received: From Printed Text to Oral Performance
J. Scott Miller
Early Voice Recordings of Japanese Storytelling
Leslie K Arnovick
"In Forme of Speche" is Anxiety: Orality in ChaucerÕs House of Fame
Bruce Louden
A Narrative Technique in Beowulf and Homeric Epic
R. Scott Garner
Ei Pote: A Note on Homeric Phraseology
Merritt Sale
In Defense of Milman Parry: Renewing the Oral Theory

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 10 (1995)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1 (232 pages)

Hermeneutic Forever: Voice, Text, Digitization, and the 'I'
Walter J. Ong
What's in a Frame? The Medieval Textualization of Traditional Storytelling
Bonnie D. Irwin
Affective Criticism, Oral Poetics, and Beowulf's Fight with the Dragon
Mark C. Amodio
Mandela Comes Home: The Poet's Perspective
Russel H. Kaschula
Perspectives on Orality in African Cinema
Keyan Tomaselli and Maureen Eke
Matigari: An African Novel as Oral Narrative Performance
F. Odun Balogun
Narrating Saga Feud: Thattr and the Fundamental Oral Progression
Jesse L. Byock
A Poet on the Achaean Wall
Timothy W. Boyd
The Three Circuits of the Suitors: A Ring Composition in Odyssey 17-22
Steve Reece

Number 2

Editor's Column
Immanence and Immanent Truth
John H. McDowell
Generic and Racial Appropriation in Victoria Howard's "The Honorable Milt"
Jarold Ramsey
Narrative Tradition in Early Greek Oral Poetry and Vase Painting
E.A. Mackay
Chaucer New Painted (1623): Three Hundred Proverbs in Performance Context
Betsy Bowden
Word, Breath, and Vomit: Oral Competition in Old English and Old Norse Literature
Robin Waugh
Oral Register in the Biblical Libretto: Towards a Biblical Poetic
Susan Niditch
Language, Memory, and Sense Perception in the Religious and Technological Culture of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Werner H. Kelber
Review Essay: The Fornaldarsogur: Stephen Mitchell's Contribution
Jesse L. Byock
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Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 9 (1994)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Cluster on African Oral Traditions
Introduction: The Search for Grounds in African Oral Tradition
Lee Haring
Field of Life, Sowing of Speech, Harvest of Acts
Sory Camara
Social Speech and Speech of the Imagination: Female Identity and Ambivalence in Bambura-MalinkX Oral Literature
Veronika Grg-Karady
Freedom to Sing, License to Insult: The Influence of Hal Performance on Social Violence Among the ANlo Ewe
Daniel K. Avorgbedor
Pattern, Interaction, and the Non-Dialogic in Performance by Hausa Rap Artists
Sa'ido Babura Ahmed and Graham Furniss
Oral Literary Criticism and the Performance of the Igbo Epic
Chukwuma Azuonye
On the Sense and Nonsense of Performance Studies Concerning Oral Literature of the Bulsa in Northern Ghana
Rudiger Schott
Silent Voices: The Role of Somali Women's Poetry in Social and Political Life
Zainab Mohamed Jama
Women's Discourse on Social Change in Nzema (Ghanaian) Maiden Songs
K.E. Agovi
Through Ambiguous Tales: Women's Voices in Chokwe Storytelling
Rachel I. Fretz
About the Authors

Number 2

Informing Performance: Producing the Coloquio in Tierra Blanca
Richard Bauman and Pamela Ritch
Oral Genres and the Art of Reading in Tibet
Anne Carolyn Klein
Forrest Spirits: Oral Echoes in Leon Forrest's Prose
Bruce A. Rosenberg
Cluster on Editing Oral Traditions: Ethnopoetics, Oral-Formulaic Theory, and Editing Texts
Dell Hymes
Homer's Style: Non-Formulaic Geatures of an Oral Aesthetic
Joseph Russo
Performing a Thousand and One Nights in Egypt
Susan Slyomivics
The Ethnography of Scribal Writing and Anglo-Saxon Poetry: Scribe as Performer
A.N. Doane
Editing Beowulf: What Can Study of the Ballads Tell Us?
John D. Niles
Symposium (Teresa Catarella)
Meetings and Professional Notes
About the Authors
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Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 8 (1993)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Cluster on Ancient Greek Oral Traditions
Activation and Preservation: The Interdependence of Text and Performance in an Oral Tradition
Egbert J. Bakker
Nestor Among the Sirens
Keith M. Dickson
Theocritus and Oral Tradition
James B. Pearce
Homer and Roland: The Shared Formular Technique, Part 1
WIlliam Merritt Sale

Other Articles
The Interrelationship Between the Oral and the Written in the Works of Alexander Campbell
Raymond F. Person
Strategies for the Presentation of Oral Traditions in Print
Eric L. Montenyohl
Alterities: On Methodology in Medieval Literary Studies (The Albert Lord and Milman Parry Lecture for 1991-1992).
Ursula Schaefer

Number 2

Rap Music: An Interview with DJ Romeo
Debra Wehmeyer-Shaw
From Maria to Marjatta: The Transformation of an Oral Poem in Elias Lnnrot's Kalevala
Thomas DuBois
La fraticida por amor: A Sixteenth-Century Spanish Ballad in the Modern Oral Tradition
Madeline Sutherland
Isochrony in Old English Poetry: Two Performances of Cadmon's Hymn
Miriam Maswari Caspi
"O Bride Light of My Eyes": Bridal Songs of Arab Women in the Galilee
Mishael Maswari Caspi and Julia Ann Blessing
Homer and Roland: The Shared Formular Technique, Part II
William Merritt Sale
Symposium: Deafness and Orality: An Electronic Conversation
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Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 7 (1992)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

A Gaelic Songmaker's Response to an English-Speaking Nation
Thomas McKean
Oral Poetry and the World of Beowulf
Paul Sorrell
Innervision and Innertext: Oral and Interpretive Modes of Storytelling Performance
Joseph D. Sobol
The Production of Finnish Epic Poetry--Fixed WHoles or Creative Compositions?
Lauri Harvilhati
Song, Text, and Cassette: WHy We Need Authoritative Audio Editions of Medieval Literary Works
Ward Parks
Latin Charms of Medieval England: Verbal Healing in a Christian Oral Tradition
Lea Olsan
The Combat of Lug and Balor: Discourses of Power in Irish Myth and Folktale
Joan N. Radner
The Narrative Presentation of Orality in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (The Parry Lecture, 1990-1991)
Willi Erzgraber
Book Reviews

Number 2

Narrative Provers in the African Novel
Emmanuel Obiechina
Storytelling in Medieval Wales
Sioned Davies
Beowulf: The Monsters and the Tradition
Marilynn Desmond
Homer and Oral Tradition
Mark W. Edwards
The Type Scene
Slavic Oral Traditions
On the Composition of Women's Songs
Mary P. Coote
Repetition as Invention in the Songs of Vuk Karadzhic
Svetozar Koljevic
"Sound Shaping of East Slavic Zagovory
Alla Astakhova
Symposium (Japanese Oral Traditions, Hiroyuki Araki)
Index to Volume 7